“for quality reasons, we will record the conversation” – these and similar phrases, anyone who has called in the last few years, in the case of a Hotline knows. Thus, billions store voice recordings on any servers. Most of you are thinking little. Much more is learned from the recordings about us than we know.

so Far, Hotline recordings will be used primarily to analyze the behavior of the employees and to optimize your politeness, or your sales strategy. Significantly In the future other usage scenarios could appear in the magazine “Technology Review” reports in its latest issue.

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listen to voice speaker

spy in the house: So Alexa, Google and co. to listen secretly

By Malte Mansholt language character

is language, Therefore, allow recording in-depth insights into our Psyche and our character traits. “You can evaluate the personality very well and simply on the basis of language data”, – quotes “Heise” the computer scientist Julia Hirschberg, the research at Columbia University. Five-minute recordings ranged from language, therefore, to be able to our personality, in principle, to assess.

The company Precire from Aachen, Germany, evaluates, therefore, already well-versed in voice recordings for other companies to give support in job interviews, according to “Technology Review”. 15 minutes of Material to the company, therefore, is to evaluate to draw a detailed character picture, if any of the persons organized, stubborn, curious, and socially – and to show the results neatly on a scale.

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You, how are you talking to

be put in a Test questions. The answers are less exciting, the goal is to have enough material for the analysis of the language to get along. The way you Speak and the choice of words are then compared by an Artificial intelligence with 5000 subjects. Language elements, such as the speaking rate, the pitch, the language considered to form volume and type Sounds, but also, in particular, the choice of words. Who uses many negative words such as “cold”, “Problem” or “difficult”, will be evaluated accordingly.

The company promises to be able to so more people find out, as this is about in a job interview. Some companies such as RWE or the Frankfurt airport operator Fraport is to use the analysis of Precire today.

Targeted advertising to the character

for advertising to be used in the findings. According to “Technology Review” tested one of the big Telecom operators the analysis of the Hotline calls, advertising and sales offers for the customers. A clear success: Who was asked, therefore, also more likely to new offers.

in addition to applications, other uses are of course possible. From the new landlord to the credit of many are finally, the evaluation of our character is interested in. You would just have to come to the appropriate voice recordings.

listen via the vibration motor

researchers from Fitness bracelet and co. a bug

With a simple Trick of many technical devices have a bug to Tinker. This has been shown by researchers. To listen you make use of, but no microphone – instead, they bring the vibration motor to Listen.

By Malte Mansholt