Everyone knows the Problem: At the beginning of the new Smartphone is extremely fast. The longer you use, the slower the devices. Also, Apple’s iPhone is not immune. To make it faster, grab the user to all sorts of Tricks. One of the most popular: All the Apps through the Multitasking view to shoot down. We explain why this is nonsense – and what you should do instead.

One of the reasons for the popularity of the App Abschießens is sure that it is so easy. The Home Button double-tap the App tiles to the top wipe, done. On the iPhone X is pressed instead, in the Multitasking view on one of the tiles and press in to the App with the red Minus sign. At first glance, the Trick makes a lot of sense. The App is not running in the Background, it consumes no resources. However, on closer examination: In General, the action harms more than it uses.

The iPhone knows it better

Because the iPhone iOS operating system can manage not only wonderful in its resources – it is even designed. An App is closed, so not forced to be terminated, it shall remain only a few minutes. After that, the System freezes and stores the current state of the App in the data memory. So it consumes no resources until the user starts it again, or a Push message, you will Wake.

The advantage of this approach: While a fully finished App is completely new must be started, needs the iPhone to charge in this way, only the previous state of the data in the memory. The typically consumes far less energy than an App restart. The Shoot will take not only longer, but costs even more battery. A further advantage is that the Cache of downloaded Apps are usually opened to the same place, they were closed. The user therefore saves additional time.

Notorious battery-eaters

Why is everyone the Facebook App from his Smartphone should throw

By Malte Mansholt

of Course there are exceptions: Apps that play music or for Navigation or sports measurement regularly on the GPS Signal, need to access may no longer be active in the Background. Some Apps had tried in the past to take advantage of. The Facebook App, played for about an inaudible sound, and remained so permanently active. Such resources-sinners you can find best battery-view in the settings. The battery are listed-hungry Apps. You have used one of them himself, should I shoot you again, or duration, simply from the iPhone throw.

How do you get the iPhone faster again?

you get the feeling that the iPhone is lame in the course of time, you should try other methods. So it makes sense to launch the device on a regular basis. Once a week, even in the case of a Smartphone should be Junkies in there. To clear the data memory, can provide a remedy. The more data you must download an App, the longer it will take eventually. In the settings you can find under “General” and “iPhone memory” which Apps eat the most memory. All data are the same as in Facebook or Instagram in the Cloud, it is worth to delete it once and reinstall. Others, such as Whatsapp, in the App a way to delete the accumulated data.

As a last resort, you can restore the iPhone via iTunes. In this case, the System will play once completely new. Anyone who wants to, can play its data from a backup. A real speed Boost it gives but when you set up it as a completely new device. Then a lot of data such as SMS, however, are gone. So you have to weigh.

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Who does not want to talk in the subway with Apple’s assistant, Siri now easy. First, you must enable the function in settings under “accessibility”. The disadvantage is that The Siri voice control the voice is disabled.