Trapped in the panic Room: Reto Flückiger (Stefan Gubser) devices threatened

©ARD Degeto/ORF/Daniel Winkler

For the penultimate Time, a “crime scene” from Lucerne flickered on Sunday evening on the TV. Reto Flückiger (Stefan Gubser, 61) and Liz Ritschard (Delia Mayer, 51) will not be seen after all the last Film in the coming year, as the Swiss commissioners. However, as it goes in the Swiss offshoot of the popular crime series? Since the beginning of the year is clear: The Lucerne Team has played. Especially the lousy odds should have made the site a leg. The crux of the for years, dying in Lucerne-thrillers was the beginning of 2018 überambitioniertes Experiment. The Film “The music dies last” started belonging to the rear.

Although you won so that even a Director, and received a lot of critic praise, but the 88 minutes without a cut, and a lot of Improvisation by were in the audience mercilessly. Just under five million viewers and sometimes derisive comments on the net, signaled the final Out of the Lucerne-based “crime scene”. For the actor, apparently not a bigger Problem: Gubser saw after so many follow the development potential of its role exhausted: “Reto Flückiger has reached its peak,” he said of the “Schweizer illustrierte”.

Lucerne-crime stands still

Mrs Mayer, the “image” said: “We had an intense time together, but almost eight years is a long time. It is always good to leave the Party before the chairs will be on the table and swept.” The last Lucerne-Thriller was filmed in November. “The elephant in the room” not to media reports in the spring of 2019 will be sent an exact date, there is, as yet, but still. Then final with the Swiss offshoot of the popular crime series is, however, not for a long time.

New “Tatort”-Team in Zurich

The new Team will later take over in Zurich, and as usual, two movies per year to contribute. How the concept will look like is not yet clear. They wanted to create “a harmonious world” and the need, therefore, for development work, the SRF announced. To date, there is no name of an actor or a confirmed shooting schedule. It may be interesting, such as the Swiss “crime scene” in the future will go. For all the justified criticism of the development of the Lucerne-Teams: The footsteps of Flückiger and Ritschard just are not small…