cruise Director Oskar Schifferle (Harald Schmidt, l.), hotel Director Hanna Liebhold (Barbara Wussow) and Dr. Wolf Sander’s (Nick Wilder) – only the new “dream boat”-the captain is still missing

©ZDF / Dirk Bartling

After the Fans had to say good-bye on new year’s day from your sweetheart on the bridge, and now the question: Who will be heir to an actor Sascha Hehn (64) as the captain of the “dream ship”? Is the successor to finally found? The news Agency spot on news has asked the broadcaster ZDF, and a surprising response: “A successor has not yet been clarified,” on the one hand, in the Statement.

is Rotated but still, for it continues: “In the past few weeks, filming took place for a new episode of ‘The dream ship’ in Zambia – but only for the scenes that play to the country. The scenes with the Crew on Board the vessel to be rotated like every year, only in January”, the transmitter. Thus, a little bit of time to make this important personnel nails with heads.

so Far, there were four actors who embodied the captain of the love boat: Günter König (1926-1998) was seen in the first season of 1981 to 1982, as a captain Braske. Heinz Weiss (1921-2010) took over as Heinz Hansen from the second season from 1983 to 1999. Siegfried Rauch (1932-2018) followed Jakob Paulsen from 1999 to 2013. And of 1. January, 2014 to 1. January 2019 played by Sascha Hehn the captain.

And the ZDF, but in spite of the somewhat unclear Situation, no doubt: “The series will be continued over the year 2019/2020.” The “dream ship” sails the seas since 1981, about the world, and still enjoys good ratings.