After a love Comeback it doesn’t look at Evelyn Burdecki, and Domenico de Cicco is currently out of


With a TV-war of the roses of a different kind Evelyn Burdecki (30), and Domenico de Cicco (35) come from. After all, you can specify in the common CV experience in the “Bachelor”, “Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise”. It did not work in the case of the first two formats, with the great love that crackled between the two under the palm trees quite formidable. Germany had its new Trash-dream found a pair of? Yes, for five minutes felt.

What is then exactly between the two happened, who’s playing what game and where still any feelings for the other to exist, only the inclined jungle camp-the audience is not puzzled every evening. The two seem to be able to their feelings just not in the (grammatically) correct words. It is clear, however: to Agree the two are in the jungle, the debt question has not yet become, on the contrary. With each episode, the conflict between the two tapers, Lies and deceit they throw each other to the head. But who is telling the truth? A Track Search.

Italian-German flag in the Wind?

considering the previous statements of the two, so Burdeckis remarks in the jungle seem logical, are contradictory, at least not quite as often. There, she had told in the latest episode of it, to have a clear message your Ex just before the Camp way: “I still love you,” he wrote. And: “then he said to me that we are in the jungle together again”, so Burdecki.

The Franco-Italians had betrayed the news Agency spot on news before his departure to Australia, meanwhile, namely: “Evelyn, I don’t care! I respect you and hope you respect me also. Otherwise, it is just a normal jungle camper for me.” After a normal Mitcamperin for him, it didn’t look as if he was her equal in the opening sequence of beautiful eyes and his best “Zoolander”look hung up. Marriage, he said in a low voice to her, he was afraid, that it “comes back” with her. As far as then, in the RTL-Paradise?

After Evelyn Burdecki separated from him, as you should have learned by chance that he friend Julia) is expecting a child with another (of his Again-he wanted to fight at least to a common future. “Evelyn, you know how we stood to each other, what we have seen it all and this was everyday life. We have lived a dream, we have lived together, we are equal, we are one. (…) You what were for me Special. You’re still and you stay,” de Ciccos love oath in August of last year, in the TV show “Good Morning Germany”.

Who live in glass houses…

For de Cicco the facts of the case but is now clear and its wording has changed quite a bit: “this is so wrong. You think the whole lyre of the small blonde. She tried berating me in front of all the people. This is all of the controlled.” From the special woman within three months of so, “the little blonde”.

But Dig a little in the network, then the statements are consistent with those of de Cicco. At least Burdeckis Ex-boyfriend Serkan B. to life in an Interview with the magazine “IN – people, Lifestyle,” in the context of its “celebrity Big Brother”you said: “With your loving, naive nature made it difficult to easily trust. But Woe to those who shall be forfeited in its spell… Evelyn is selfish, manipulative and calculating.”

But that also applies to de Cicco? The at least blatantly said to Chris Töpperwien in the jungle: “I want to have image of this Family, you know?” Significant that he spoke of “family life”. How can he respect his relationship with girlfriend Julia medially, excluding, is at least clear: “On my Instagram Account, I have now a picture of her, so of us together, in. Hey, that is so shot up. Wow, how many Likes. Perhaps 20,000 of them.” So love looks like in the year 2019.

Who says the truth? At the end of the knowledge the two now once more. Maybe de Ciccos is true “We are equal”-address to Burdecki, at that time, shortly after the separation. Then the two of them would have really deserved.

All the info to “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!” in the Special case of RTL.de.