For what woman Andrej Mangold


Back in Mexico, where it all began. The Bachelor announces the start of the semi-finals: “Now the point comes where you know that you have to break a woman’s heart.” But more on that later. All three of the women he finds particular to have each of them he developed a sense of: “To build ties to more than one woman, because it may happen that you have his emotions under control. If I’ve learned anything, it is getting worse, as I have previously believed.” But for the one who will be at the end of the broadcast, no Rose?

First, there is the last group date, a joint balloon flight with Andrej Mangold, what are the remaining three Ladies, Jenny, Eva, and Vanessa will find only the middlings. Balloon mega, group dates, is to drive as such, is rather less. Jenny has a fear of heights, Eva feels neglected, then the balloon is flying against a tree, and all of them are full of bushes and berries.

a round of sparkling wine and also a meal together with the strenuous conversation. Eva asks the Bachelor: “What is the most beautiful metropolis is for you?” The fact Jenny has discovered an insect on orange juice: “Oh, what is that?” and Andrej the insect examined. Then: Tattoo Talk. Eva: “I have a Tattoo on the back, an a that stands for my grandpa.” Is anybody noticed. Then they talk about Jenny’s Tattoos, until, finally, the Bachelor intervenes and proclaims that it is the dream dates to Cuba. This fact lifts the mood significantly.

intense feelings with Eva and Vanessa

dream date number one goes to Eva. The program is a classic car tour through Havana, Salsa dancing and a romantic Dinner on the roof terrace. “It was as if you’re going with your girlfriend through the city,” says the Bachelor. “The feeling has intensified.” After a late-night dip in the Pool, and the night has increased even more. “It feels like a couple.” Eva has butterflies in the stomach. And how the night was? “A Lady enjoys and is silent”, says Eva telling. And he? “I am happy, it is always more intense and exciting.”

The next day, it goes with Vanessa in a catamaran out to sea. Sun bathing, snorkeling, smooch. “There’s a lot of fire in there is,” says Andrei. Vanessa is the total package. “It felt like a couple on holiday.” The conversations during a romantic Dinner is more problematic, as Vanessa tells that she is glad to have someone to Talk to, namely, of all things, Jenny. “And, now, care?”, the Bachelor asks, slightly irritated. “Do you want to back down?” Vanessa can calm him down: “No, I let anyone go first.” Love before friendship.

Andrej Mangold can spend Soothes the night with contestant number two. The next Morning, the common Wake up. The Bachelor concludes: “In the night, it has filed felt the chains a bit more.” And how close you came? To do this, he says: “There is no one else’s, how close we were.” And: “I refuse to answer.” Aha. At Breakfast together on a nudist beach Vanessa has mixed feelings. “A risky Situation. You can’t be sure.”

How the friendship goes more of Jenny and Vanessa?

In the rain forest of the Bachelor meets her dream date number three. “On Dates with Jennifer, I am particularly pleased, I am even nervous,” he admits. It is Ziplining through the jungle, swimming under the waterfall and his knowledge of the consequences: “It runs through the whole body.” Jenny has “the feeling when you’re in love.” During a romantic Dinner, the Bachelor wants to clarify first of all the topic of best friend. “You’re both still here, you and Vanessa, how do you deal with that?” Jenny assured him that she was here to find a girlfriend.

The Bachelor of giggles and describes his nightmare: “you’re both in the final, then: ‘No, not says, for a guy we do that, friendship is more important.’ And you don’t want both of the Rose.” In the rain forest, the two Wake up together and then Andrei says of a warm feeling. “Felt good, almost like in a relationship. A real dream date from front to back.” Jenny is in love with “definitely.”

No Rose for Vanessa

Mexico Los Cabos, the second-to-last night of the roses. The Bachelor’s degree is in. “I am clear in the decision, but it is not easy, you know that you have to break the wife’s heart.” All have established ties, all the wines in advance. But: How repeats of the Bachelor again and again: He wants to go with a Hand-in-Hand to get out of here. Vanessa is not it, anyway.

For Andrej Mangold has no Rose. “There are just little things,” he explains his decision in a conversation with Vanessa. She nods in understanding. “These are feelings, that’s fine.” She likes him more than people total. Eva or Jenny? Who makes the race? “I have a heart, but the split felt in the middle,” admits the Bachelor. Maybe The Grand Finale could help the mom in the next episode, when it says:.