Evelyn Burdecki swings in the Finale of “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!”

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and then there were three! On day 15, have had to adopt three of the celebrities from the jungle. Due to server problems, no one had to leave the day before the Camp. Therefore, the first order of business by Sonja Zietlow (50), and Daniel was to announce hartwich (40) to the beginning of the new episode, who had to get to day 14, the lowest number of votes: curry sausage man Chris Töpperwien (44)! He had to leave the Camp immediately.

This is what happened in the meantime

Previously, on day 14 spared the jungle had to camper the six of them to the test called “swing club”. It was a question for Bastian Yotta (42), Felix van Deventer (22), Chris Töpperwien, Sandra kiriasis and her (44) and Evelyn Burdecki (30) of a high platform in succession to swing on a vine over a lake. The aim was, in each case to the star, the part on the sea sponge, with the own body weight – you had to let go of at the right Moment, the vine and jump off. Peter Orloff (74), was not allowed to jump because of his injured hands, acted as a “swimmer” and brought the star in the lake after each jump in Position.

Although each of the “Springer” had two Attempts, earned the Stars only two stars. The lucky hero of the game: Bastian Yotta and Felix van Deventer. With the words, “I’ll get the Fucking star now,” jumped Yotta on the second pass, and hit the star. Self-motivation success! Immediately afterwards Felix made this performance: “amazing feeling, when you make the break,” beamed the GZSZ actor.

Two sad confessions

The news that Felix’s father, had at the beginning of the new “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!”-Season surprised. The very end she triggered but among the Camp-dwellers are still pretty emotional reactions. Sandra kiriasis and her took Felix in a quiet Moment, to the side and explained to him why she had been in last time, so sad: “My Ex didn’t want kids, and in 2015, I lost one.” Probably the worst was this: “For him it was more of a happy day.”

Later, in the jungle, the phone she took the blow of fate: “I have never told this to public light,” the former Bobsleigh driver. “This is something very Personal, what has made me my life very sad and still makes. I am 44 years old and don’t have kids. I don’t think it would come when this beautiful message from Felix and Antje would not have been.” You have always wanted to have children, and it had not been for you never to debate, to have no. As you have stopped to Bob, everyone would have looked always on her belly. “Of course I would still like to have a child but I am also aware that I am no longer in my age may not be the situation.”

According to the jungle test revealed Bastian Yotta, that he had lost some time ago, an unborn child, and with the loss to cope. With him it was in the year 2017, “that was my Ex-girlfriend, she was in the third month of pregnancy”. During a Routine investigation of the death of the child had been found. The doctor said “I’m sorry” and then I just leave the room. In the first Moment, he could not realize what was going on, so Yotta in tears in the jungle phone. “I wish all the parents, where it’s just a lot of strength. No matter whether it is a week or ten years.”

Who has made it to the finals?

Shortly after the little spectacular departure of Chris Töpperwien Sonja Zietlow and Daniel entered the HART of the jungle gave way again. Again, it was seriously for the remaining five campers. Because now it came to the finals. And the viewers have decided clearly in favour of the big favorites: Evelyn Burdecki, Peter Orloff, and Felix van Deventer fight on the last day of the jungle crown. Bastian Yotta and Sandra kiriasis and her no longer have a Chance at the title and have to leave the Camp.

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