not, It is their first joint collaboration. The well-known photographer Peter Palm and the Nude artist Milo Moiré, together with a calendar for 2019. In the past few years the creative Duo has made together photographs to guide you through the year. This year’s calendar is under the theme of “Libertine”, which translates as lecher or libertine. The shots were taken in South Africa, to the Canary Islands and in Germany.

Peter Palm is a well-known photo artist, the works for the “Playboy” and “GQ”. Moire has made a name for himself as a naked artist, which leaves barely a chance to make your shells fall, and in sub-zero temperatures naked in front of the Cologne Cathedral has demonstrated.

Milo Moiré as the Indian

“Libertine” is presented to you in front of a no less attractive backdrop. Time she is posing as a Native, as a Hippie or as a Wildling in unbelassener natural landscape. “It looks like heroic statues of liberty, flesh-and-blood up,” aptly described in the press text to the calendar.

Palm and Moiré are not in harmony only professionally extremely well together, even privately, the photographer and the native Swiss are a Few. “Our first meeting was a classic. A large fashion shoot-Casting. We realized that we had so much to tell us,” said Palm, 2014, the “image”-newspaper. First of all, it tried the two with a long-distance relationship, in the meantime, the Couple have been living for several years in Düsseldorf.

The common residence has fertilized the creative collaboration even further, as well as the 2019 month-to-month can find.

“Libertine” is a limited edition of 1000 copies, and of Milo Moiré personally signed. It costs 29.90 euros plus shipping.

Here you can order the calendar