It’s hot here at the street stalls in Osaka, Japan,

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A country is what it eats. Japan is not only the Land of the rising sun, but even brighter star in the culinary sky. Because in addition to the cherry blossom festival and Fuji, it has many of the approximately 30 million visitors in the year 2018, primarily because of the unusual pleasures of the palate to Japan pulled. No wonder, because Street-Food-Highlights, such as the Gyoza hot Dog or Octopus to go are tasty and save some money.

pancake on Asian

The evidence of high age, the Japanese mainly due to the healthy food. Admittedly, seaweed, fish flakes and shredded white cabbage seem at first glance, not very appetizing. The Locals dominate but kitchen tricks, the conjure from the simplest of ingredients special, and surprisingly affordable Street-Style dishes.

Pizza and pancakes can everyone, Okonomiyaki, only the least. The ingredients for the traditional Japanese pancakes of shredded white cabbage and a batter of flour, Egg and Dashi (Japanese soup concentrate). This includes vegetables, sauce, seaweed, and fish will be served flakes. Those who want to try this, take a detour to the “Kiji Umeda” in Osaka. Pro speed you pay for here, not only between 600 and 900 Yen (about five to seven euros).

What can the Osaka-Dog?

Speaking of Food-the Mix: The latest Trend in Japan’s cuisine is a blend of hot Dog and pastry bag. The Gyoza Dog sounds weird and it is. The fast-food-Hybrid is only served in the Osaka-Ohsho-branch in the Dotonbori district. The restaurant chain combined this traditional Japanese Gyoza with an elongated piece of bread. Other ingredients, such as yakisoba noodles, seaweed strips, and Wasabi can be added. After that – some other Superfood is a small digestive walk does you good.

Passing steam soup kettles ends, it goes on, until you come inevitably to the next road specialty: Takoyaki – octopus to go! In this case, one gets not an eight-armed octopus in the bag in the Hand pressed. Rather, Mini-dumplings with minced or diced octopus. Around it goes, at least almost…

Sushi – not a round thing?

the Rolled-perfection in Japan has a name: Sushi. Maki, Sashimi and Nigiri belong to the Japanese cuisine, such as Pizza and Pasta to Italy. The least don’t know that the Japanese Sushi rolls actually, but just a little rice and a piece of fish directly on the seaweed sheet. Is eaten out of Hand, often even without any soy sauce, ginger or Wasabi.

to Whom is the sense less after cold fish, you can try it with a hot soup. The world’s popular Ramen noodle soups in the following flavors: Miso, soy and salt. Best Foodies to visit the Ganso Ramen Yokocho (Ramen alley) in Sapporo. Star soup kitchen in Tokyo. Here are two Ramen Restaurants have a Michelin star. What is reflected in Europe at exorbitant prices, is in Japan, simply delicious and convenient. A star dinner here for about 15 euros.

Princely tables in the Street-Food country, Japan, without a panel, but all the more effective in the alleys of the Mega-metropolises. Who is not found in the often shrill and chaotic neighborhoods, one can plunge into the fray and easily to the Locals. They are happy to help when it comes to orders or declarations in the Restaurant. And everyone, be it Locals or visitors, will be happy, if it means at the end of a Foodie-Tour: “Oishii!” – “It tastes good to me!”