search data, Simon Rogers, Data Editor at Google in California says, “are very human data”. Together with his Team, he evaluates this data and Trends, and to work in the myriad of questions and keywords, which people day-to-day enter in the search engine. The range of topics covers everything people want to respond with a value-in-use tips to combat heat, wasps, or and oak processionary moth. Just as you want to be current and background information on political, social, or also sporty developments.

wanted to know the people in the year 2018, above average* often from Google:

What-questions oak processionary what to do?What helps against wasps?What is Permanenzen?What Küblböck is with Daniel?What rs means?What has made Maaßen?What is happening in Chemnitz?What to do in the heat?What are Bitcoins?What happens during a lunar Eclipse?

Where- Where is the moon?Where is the ISS?Where is Uruguay?Where is football today?Where is Neymar?Where is Martin Schulz?Where is Croatia?Where is the source of the Rhine?Where is it raining right now?Where is Bali?
questions How often, France was the world champion?How should Germany play to get more?What is the name of the son of Kate and William?What is the name of the mother of Niki Lauda?How long the heat remains?How many time zones are there?How old is Thomas Müller?How is Bibi’s son?What is the name of the world Cup mascot?How old is Prince Harry?

General terms WMDaniel küblböck Jens büchner Avicii medal mirror of the Olympic Meghan mark LeMond darkness Euro LiraHochzeit Harry Meghan headlines lunar Eclipse Euro LiraHochzeit Harry Meghan Chemnitz hambach forest of Hesse election state election BayernDSGVOKate baby Thailand cave

sport event wmmedaillen mirror Olympic English country Sweden handball EMNations League Olympic ice hockey athletics EMEM 2020Public Viewing

personalities Daniel küblböck Meghan MarkleJan UllrichMaaßenDemi LovatoÖzilSeehoferTina York Sylvester Stallone Ella Finally

series babylon berlinbad Bank Stan Bach-house-of-money altered carbonthe good doctor young Sheldon lost in space stud hochstetten Weissensee


Jens Büchner


Mac Miller

Stephen Hawking

Stan Lee


Martin Haas

Dieter Thomas Heck

Anthony Bourdain

Aretha Franklin

*note: included in The above lists, the Top Rankings of the so-called “Trending Searches”. This means that the corresponding search queries recorded in 2018 for a prolonged period with a particularly strong increase in search interest in comparison to the previous year. This ascending terms are then sorted according to the search interest in the respective Phase in descending order.

sources: Google

Simon Rogers

Google-Manager in the Interview: the search data are the human data

Simon Rogers has in Google’s eye, what want to know the people on a daily basis by the search engine. The star, he said, what is it and how the content and nature of web searches have changed.

By Patrick Rösing roaste