Butler James (Freddie Frinton), and Miss Sophie (May Warden) every year on new year’s eve for laughter,

©(c) NDR/Annemarie Aldag

The Black-and-White classic “Dinner for One” is one of many to a successful new year’s eve. Butler James (Freddie Frinton), Miss Sophie (May Warden), a lot of alcohol and the nasty tiger fur stumbling block: Many TV viewers laugh each year about this combination. The long-deceased friends of Miss Sophie, Mr. Winterbottom, Mr. Pommeroy, Admiral von Schneider and Sir Toby.

The German transmission times of 2018 at a Glance

“Dinner for One” on new year’s eve 2018 see: In the First of the Sketch-classic is 31. December 2018 15:40 PM and in the night to 1. January 2019 to 01:00. In the WDR Dinner for One is broadcast to 18:00, in the NDR at 15:35, 17:05, at 19:40 and 23:35 o’clock, in the BR at 18:45 and at 00:05.

In the HR runs “of The 90’s. Birthday, or Dinner for One” at 19:10, in the MDR at 19:00 and in the RBB at 10:30 and at 18:06. In SWR/SR, there are the Swiss Version of “Dinner for One” at 11:05, 14:45 and 17:30 and 19:25 am to once again see the original version.

the Sketch was Recorded with British comedians Freddie Frinton and his partner May Warden, in may 1963, in the legendary Studio B at the NDR in Hamburg. Sent in 1972 for the first time, new year’s eve, belongs to the Sketch to Butler James and Miss Sophie for the new year, as lead-pouring, champagne and fireworks. However, only in Germany, in the UK, the short film is little known.

“Dinner for One” is first shown in the UK

But this year, this should change: The cult-Sketch will be seen on new year’s eve 2018, for the first time on British television. Such as the North German radio reported, the small number of channels Sky Arts the 18-minute Sketch once in the early new year’s eve.