Apple has held on Monday in Cupertino once more one of his famous Keynotes. This time, the Tech group is presented, however, no new devices, but a whole range of new Service presented offers for its customers. Especially the new Streaming service “Apple TV Plus” has been introduced with great Pomp and sheer Star-Power of Hollywood. Among others, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell and Jason Momoa were at the Steve Jobs Theater on the stage to receive your exclusive Film and series productions, for the new offer to present.

what are the novelties in this country?

when will “Apple TV Plus” in Germany?

“Apple TV Plus” will be in the new TV App of the group available, which was also unveiled on Monday. The App should include, in addition, a number of TV channels, including HBO. Premiere: The Californians remove the offer from the Set-Top Box, and the App also on the Mac and selected Smart TV devices available. The transmitter range will vary depending on the Region. What is the German channels and could be a global launch in more than 100 countries in the fall at the Start, was betrayed just as little as the price.

when will “Apple Arcade” in Germany?

As has been betrayed, yesterday, are games in the App Store the most popular Genre. On Apple, in which it is set up for gamers a completely recycled game corner: “Arcade-responsive”. On the new platform in the future, over 100 exclusive new Games to iPhone, Apple TV or iPad to be playable. World more Start – also in Germany – is supposed to be like the movies and series on offer in the autumn of 2019, a price was not yet known.

when comes the “Apple Card” to Germany?

summary for the Apple Event

Hop or Top? The good news from Apple

In cooperation with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard, Apple is bringing its new digital credit card “Apple Card” on the market. The payment service will be integrated into the Wallet App on the iPhone. Who would like to have something in Hand, you can also use a classic card made of Titanium are in physical Form. The special feature: The service should not only be free of charge and straightforward to use, but also a special reward program include: Daily Cash. A certain percentage of the sales will be credited to the customer at each transaction. The service will launch in the US in the summer. What time is the Apple Card will be introduced in Germany, was not yet known.

when is the new “Apple News Plus” is available in Germany?

Apple has expanded its existing News App and will be available in the future, hundreds of magazines, Newspapers and other Media in the service. A subscription model with a flat rate for the entire offer is open to the User. In the US, magazines like the “New Yorker”, “Time”, “Vanity Fair,” or “National Geographic are from the Start”. In the US Apple News Plus “” are available now for 9.99 dollars per month. In Europe, it starts in the autumn in the UK. When the service starts in Germany, and what publishers and the media are in this country on Board, was not yet known.

source: Apple Germany, Apple USA (Keynote)