According to the “crime scene” is in front of the doomsday series: Devid Striesow

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With the “scene of the crime: The Pact” (27. January) ends for an actor Devid Striesow (45) the time as a Commissioner Jens Stellbrink (2013-2019). It is sad for the Fans of the droll Saarland-investigator, there is also room for new projects, but – and some of them are.

So it goes in TV and movies more

In the spring is Devid Striesow at the Sky in the doomsday series “8 days”, according to the Homepage of the artist it starts at 1. March. Also in the high-profile Cast Christiane Paul, Fabian Hinrichs, Henry Hübchen, Nora forest sites, and Mark Waschke. It is also, with the 2018 launched crime series “Schwartz & Schwartz” (ZDF) with Striesow and Golo Euler in the main roles, is to accept.

the cinema can the native of rügen, The family film “Alfons trembling jaw: The Chaos is, of course, and so it is 2019 in two productions: back” starts at 11. April in the cinemas. The Drama “I was at home, but” also runs in this year.

Live on stage

From January to June, there is the award – winning actor, including the Grimme prize, German film prize, the German television – to see in Hamburg and Berlin, also live in the Theater. In the Hanseatic city with “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?” at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus on the stage and in the capital, he plays “Endless fun” in the people stage, Big house.

Munich Fans can look forward to a reading at the beginning of March in the Prince Regent theater: “… Letters of Note” – Anke Engelke and Devid Striesow read together a selection of the most unusual letters in the history of the world, including Richard Burton’s goodbye letter to Elizabeth Taylor, Marge Simpson protest letter to the former First Lady Barbara Bush, Nick cave’s response to his MTV Award… Jörg Thadeusz will be moderating the Event.