risked Whoever uploads pirated movies on YouTube, compensation-claims – Federal court of justice (BGH) decides in Karlsruhe today, with what information, the Internet platform in the search for the responsible needs to help.

These usually hide behind fantasy names. Unlike in the Internet exchanges do not leave visible your IP address. Only the operator knows.

in 1990, the older of the copyright act inserted provision requires this, “name and address”. Both of which YouTube is not. The film distributors, Constantin wants to know why the E-Mail addresses, and telephone numbers of three users, as well as the IP addresses used. It is controversial whether this is covered by the wording in the law. At the hearing in November, the judge had indicated that with a address today, the E-Mail address meant it should be. In the case of the other data they seemed rather skeptical. (Az. I ZR 153/17)