The exhibition CES in Las Vegas heralds traditionally, the Tech-year. A view of some of the Central themes of this year’s major events in the desert city of:

cars, CARS, CARS: The once-in consumer electronics-oriented CES has become in recent years, more and more to an auto show. Mercedes showed a few years ago, the futuristic concept F015, Volkswagen car, the Camper, follow-up vision for the Budd-e. Traditionally, the focus in Las Vegas on connected cars and Autonomous Driving. In this year, including Audi, Daimler, Ford again as well as young competitors, such as Byton, from the New to the a year ago featured prototypes of the electric SUV is expected to be. In addition, smart infrastructure at the roadside, which can communicate with vehicles.

language assistant: the past, CES was dominated by the rivalry between Amazon and Google, the scamper with your language assistant on more and more devices of different manufacturers. This year the Trend continues with devices of various brands with Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant on Board. Amazon wants to make it, in the meantime, manufacturers of home devices, as a component of the offered chip system Alexa Connect, his assistant in the washing of the language to integrate machines and Stoves. Also in the car, Amazon wants to establish Alexa strengthened.

SMARTPHONES: For 2019 were provided for in the first phones in view, the future super-fast 5G to support wireless data. While still open is the extent to which the corresponding networks will be in the next few months, actually available, it could at least give an Outlook on some devices at CES. Very interesting to see whether Samsung more to its foldable Smartphone price. The device, with a second flexible screen to the size of a small tablet to expand, is expected to come out this year on the market. Other manufacturers are working on foldable phones.

TV: in the past years, there have been at CES, a variety of televisions with ultra-to see a sharp image thanks to the 8K-resolution image with many points. This is likely to be this time – while the contents are in high quality continues to be a Problem. The provider is also working to solve problems such as burn-in effects in the case of today’s Display technologies, and, for example, from the market leader Samsung is expected to make his in the past year, presented MicroLED technology for large video screens could also be used in consumer devices. It is interesting also, whether the for years as prototypes, shown together rollable TV screens were finally brought to market maturity.

WEARABLES: the small portable Mini-Computer, there was a big Hype – apart from the Fitness bracelets and some watches like the Apple Watch, but so far hardly anything of it. In this year, but, among other things, the company Vuzix with your glasses “Blade” for the sensation to fade to the principle of “augmented reality” (augmented reality) additional information, such as, for example, navigation instructions.