Walter: “Gernot, the opinion of a saliva licker, is working on the ass of the world, and the nursery 3. Ast has studied (taken from their Facebook profile), is indifferent to me!”

Walters* wickedness to Gernot is only a comment of around 150,000, which will be posted in the month on the Facebook page of the star. The excitation is large in the Republic, may increase the number to a multiple. And often the sound changes then. Walter does not know Gernot, and supposedly this is his opinion also doesn’t matter. But why did he respond at all? Why be offended he Gernot and its home as the “ass of the world”? Who skin, the irritating something, or someone, on the blood. Him by a pulse, the beats of reason and decency as well as unfiltered, to the keyboard.

the former Handball Star Stefan Kretzschmar got a few days ago this pattern of social-media reaction to feel. In an Interview with T-Online, he said: “For each comment you get one in the face,” and saw immediately how right he was. The Internet community plated him with a Shitstorm.


debate to know the opinion of culture in Germany

The reactions Kretzschmar, unfortunately, right

By Ellen Ivits A minority accosted

in the Meantime, the speech is often of the “coarsening of the network”. And what concerns the network, to have the whole of society: for the First time, more than 90 percent of German goods in the past year, at least occasionally online. Whoever succeeds, to influence the discussion in the online media, or even dominate it, which shapes the overall social debate. But who wants to be heard must be loud and possibly aggressive, louder and more aggressive than others. Thus, the excitation of spiral works. Since then a such as the Green scare-Chairman Robert Habeck is also time himself when he sees, in retrospect, what was important to him because when Twittering on the soul. But is that a reason to completely log off? Other not mention in any case.

Because the Twitter fire-Donald trump and his media supporters. Since the false messages that make fun of birds in jest to the network.

There are, however, forging is also strategically thought-out Posts from the Cyber-departments of professional Propaganda. And the impression that social media is not basically as a new Playground for ruffians and radicals. In the process, most of which are comments the star on its platforms, objectively, or at least tolerable. In the case of each of the Fifth, however, needs to be hung to see.

What’s going on in your head?

insults à la Walter because even the mild Form of confrontation. Others want to beat the “assholes” that are the own views get in the way, “half-dead” or hope – as the protesters against brown coal mine in the hambach forest, were meant, that “the scum freeze in the trees”. It is only a minority that is so in addition, but, therefore, it is not harmless. Also, only a fraction of the daily threats and imprecations in the social media reality, on the streets, would be a citizen raged in this country of war. The world “inside”, the world of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and the world “out there” that we meet in the flesh and in the eyes, apparently very different. And yet these are the same brains, the answers are in the analog world friendly greetings and polite – and maybe even a little later, of hate and malice into the net pots. What’s going on in your head? Why is this so?

The simple answer of psychologists and neuro-scientists: because we need it. Differentiated: because we are driven as a Homo sapiens, a genetically anchored needs. Eat, Drink, Self-Defense, Sex, Love, Sociability, Cooperation, Solidarity, Spirituality. You can be our man, you are, by nature, unavoidable, and have only one goal: reward. Good feelings for the correct behavior.

One of the most important networked systems in our brain that has no other task than to estimate how much the reward of our environment and our possibilities for action, and to place this information in the “planning Department”. Basically what we want people in life to describe, quite easy to use: an eternal orgasm, a stream of happiness that never runs dry. This idea may be disturbing, even embarrassing, but he describes, taken to the extreme, is exactly what drives us.

not, However, provide us with the evolutionary history of only a about in the middle of the head opposite feeling to the kitchen, the researchers call the limbic System. What is there, emotions high, to cook, to love or hate, fear or anger, will only be served once in the front area of the brain. Because there the reason is placed. In the associated areas will be evaluated, what foams from high internal, logical, and its consequences examined. It is the prefrontal Cortex, which is responsible for this task – if all goes well. The Power of the good feelings are given a set of neuro-chemical messengers such as dopamine. However, even if we are hungry for “goosebumps moments” and “pure Emotion” – without a sober assessment of the consequences do not bring us into a heaven of bliss, but in an earthly hell.

drugs weaken the Supervisory body in the head. But in social media it need not, because another factor is particularly effective: It is easier for us, others bad play, if we don’t have to look them in the eye.

Our compassion is limited to

Physical distance creates social distance, and the compassion to cool. A team of researchers from the University of Padua recently showed that it is enough to increase the distance to two meters, the empathy minimize. A photo of the experiment, participants were presented with each “victim” was touched with a neutral facial expression with a syringe needle and a cotton swab. The subjects had to imagine so, whether a Situation has led to pain or not. The faces on the photos of the not betrayed. The Simulation in the head of the participants worked as expected. Your brain-wave patterns occupied empathic reactions, but not enough for the compassion much more than two meters.

Numerous studies come to quite similar results. Already in the 1960s, were psychologists to the understanding that we divide the space around us unconsciously into concentric zones. Certainly, it is no coincidence that we in the quality of our social relationships also umgangsspraactually between “near” and “far”. The fate of these people touched us. With a view on social media is immediately clear: it’s Never easier to be rude, insult and threaten as from the anonymity and in the case of counterparties which are not to be seen. However, even if we know to do with what we have, has a spacer establishes a certain inhibition. Drivers know that, there will be encounter of one track to the next, curses and middle fingers stretched, even if you can see it in the eye by protective discs.

In our search for praise and approval, but the distance does not matter – we welcome the positive reactions, regardless of where they come from. Get together with other students and leave a good impression to increase at the end of personal happiness – this is the psychological backdrop against which our whole life takes place. That is why social media, how the American-German team of psychologists, Dar Meshi, Diana Tamir, and Hauke Heekeren in one of the first scientific review article on the topic described by the user, mainly for two reasons: to connect with others and to make a good impression. As in life outside, it also goes online to “Friends” and “Likes”. Chimpanzees tickle and delouse each other, to signal Affection and loyalty. We, as people invent for the same purpose, a global Facebook, distribute, stretched thumb and throw Emojis with kiss hand – if we reduce the thumb and our virtual “dissen”.

That in the end it is all about your own Ego and well-being, has been able to show Dar Meshi with a Team from the Free University of Berlin in 2013. Since Facebook is widely used until today worldwide on the broadest and, in the meantime, more than two billion people will have the Chance to, in the best light to display and to lure in new relationships, taught Meshi and his staff your interest on this social network. There was in the minds of a marker of the intensity of Facebook use close? In theory, you had to be there to find where the gain of good feelings, the “Reward”, evaluated. And actually, that is exactly where the scientists were able to find the difference. People, for it emotionally, particularly in a profitable way was to increase your reputation and thus their social attractiveness, used Facebook more intensively as a people, the not-so-great value on the judgment of others.

of Course, it is not a new behavior, to work on his reputation, nothing that would only come about due to Facebook and co. in the world. “However, the Internet now gives us the opportunity,” says Dar Meshi, “to build personal relationships with only face-to-face.” But how can social media come in the suspicion that they might be dangerous?

knows As well as anyone on Facebook

will lie A special feature of the new networking range is. Almost every people on earth I can take on in the meantime contact me and with him compare. The only way I know if my profile corresponds to what is asked, and what I need to improve in order to please and to harvest new Likes and Friends. Who, alone, because he is young, even still it clearly needs to be who he is and who he wants to be, listens to particularly intense on the opinion of others and is correspondingly vulnerable to social pressure. Also, always have. However, while you had to compare the earlier with the young people on the street or in the own school, it is today literally the whole world.

As the man looks so now in search of friendship and a confirmation on the screen and can be admired for hours, what the others have everything already seen and done, with what people you are friends with, where you vacation and where career admire. Whether enjoyed with a sensitive time in the mood can beat? Of course. In the process, knows as well as anyone on Facebook or Instagram is a lie, that as well as all of your profile, face painting and into the merciful light diving. Nevertheless, the result makes an impression. We have the beautiful appearance avoid, apparently, even if we have it looks as such. A result: in a bad mood, in the worst case, sadness, even Depression – are as great as the other, how bad I am.

those Who expose themselves to social Compare, must expect disappointments, and ready-to-be. The Wealth of information and networking opportunities on social platforms, but it can overwhelm us. A new study from the University of Pennsylvania shows that it is better if we continue the Visit in the online world limits. The psychologist Melissa Hunt, recruited a group of 143 volunteers, who were regularly on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram on the go. At the beginning of the study, the mental condition of the subjects documented. Then the Hunt was divided into two groups. One of the three above-mentioned social platforms used. The other group was allowed to log in on each for only ten minutes per day, for a total of half an hour a day. The was also controlled. After three weeks, the consequences were: The participants with the Limit were mentally fitter than at the beginning of the experiment. The message was clear, so Hunt: “Who uses social media much less than usual, reduces the risk to feel lonely or depressed.” The effect was also more pronounced, the more depressed a participant in the study.

It is not the media themselves that are creating the problems. It is our heads that have to deal with often unknown opportunities and hazards. Psychologists have Long understood that for our brain in a certain number of relationships. The most famous border drawn by the British anthropologist Robin Dunbar, 150 is the “Dunbar number”. Others see capacity for maybe 100 people. The more relationships we can maintain, even if we have more than 1000 friends on Facebook, and how some “Celebrities” and “Influencer”, a million Followers on Twitter.

Our dwell time controls the Profit

Because we humans nevertheless the mass are looking for and at big Numbers to impress, because the promise us a safe judgment in uncertain situations, we’ll lose control of our decisions. At the same time, we are for all the vulnerable, what promises us happiness. And so we enter the world of Algorithms, the realm of the seduction of Big Data and the underlying business ideas that work only if us online the dopamine in Streams flowing through. The more confused we are, the more docile because of the emotions that are sharpcalibrates, the easier we are to control.

Above all, we should not do: we log out, not switch off. Because our length of stay controls the Profit. Online us able to analyze the sophisticated Tools of the seducer even to the last corner of our soul. Every photo we post, every Emoji, every stroke on the keyboard can now be automated rate and with a view to our personality structure suggest. It is important to us anzufixen, to calculate and to draw. On the old, biologically in us-anchored aspirations of a successful way to make a consumer product. Mark Zuckerberg, of the Facebook Empire, didn’t study at Harvard University, only computer science but also psychology. To date, the merges in his and the other virtual Rich one with the other and the more and more powerful instruments with which we can be manipulated.