Not only the person should protect themselves for risks of Infection, but also in the Smartphone, there is a very real risk of infection. Because many people recharge your battery on any USB Sockets, whether in the subway, the cafe or the hotel room. Without a protected stream of traffic which can be dangerous.

While the danger of a Trojan-infected USB Sticks is still quite well known, according to think hardly about it, also the charging cables of the Smartphones poses such a risk. The Problem is that the USB Jack is not only electricity to the device, it will also transfer data. So it can be read and even attack, when behind the supposed USB socket is actually a Computer. Who wants to be on the safe side, you should therefore, at best, with classic mains plugs. But for the USB Sockets there is a solution: A compound in which only the current is passed.

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giant attack: how to protect yourself from blackmail Trojans

By Malte Mans power brings, instead of data

there are now a whole range of products. A USB condom is about is a USB Jack on one end and a plug on the other side. You put it between the load cable and socket, it only transmits the current, and blocks the data line. The most well-known model, sync stop, the original was originally sold under the name, the USB Condom, is not there in the case of the German merchants of the manufacturer but sent to Germany. In the case of Amazon and co. alternative models from other manufacturers. In addition, there is a charging cable, which can do the same without a data line.

anyone Who owns a Powerbank, you can save yourself the extra purchase, but often Many of the devices allow you to charge the Powerbank and a hanging device at the same time. It will also be transmitting data. Who carries a loaded Powerbank around, but anyway is less dependent on third-party USB charging sockets.

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By Malte Mansholt under threat

estimated How dangerous can be a data connection between a Smartphone and a PC, is often underestimated. Via the connection with an unlocked device, depending on the security setting almost everything to read. Also the other way around is a danger: to Be connected with Trojans, infected Android phone to a PC, can be, under certain circumstances, is also affected.

The Smartphone manufacturers try the USB to make the connection more secure. Apple blocked since iOS 12, all data is automatically access, if the device was unlocked an hour. A potential attack on weak points in the System is, however, never be completely excluded, if a data connection to the device. A pure power connection is, therefore, safer.