What is the tool needed in every household? Hammer, screwdriver, combination pliers, small hacksaw and a cordless drill, as the first electric device. The little helpers are indispensable and have expired as the first device in drilling machines with cables.

Stiftung Warentest has considered the battery-powered drill and extensively tested. The test victory goes to the good, but also expensive devices, usually with a price above 200 Euro. One or the other is likely to be too expensive for the tool box. To do this we will make at the end of the text, an alternative proposal.

Three classes of devices

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How to crack open coconuts 18-Volt drill / driver, machines with impact drilling function and smaller 10.8 Volt devices have been properly Tested


. Who is suitable for which device? To screw in the smaller screws and for Drilling smaller holes in wood, a device with a 10.8 Volt, in our opinion. The advantage lies in the more manageable Form and lower weight.

Who is no stronger device, or a cable has at home but the drills, with the 10.8-Volt class as an all-round drill bit is poorly supported. With an 18-Volt sink unit with several large screws, especially drilling without impact-sometimes a hole in a stone wall. Always necessary if a mirror or a shelf is to be attached.

In the Test, there are also three winners: Worx WX175 (18 Volt), Bosch Professional GSR 12V-15 FC (10.8 Volt) and Dewalt DCD796 D2-Qw (impact wrench). Good names and high prices don’t protect against bad grades. Appliances from Bosch and Makita were only a Sufficient – given the price of 260 euros, which is an extremely bad result, especially since it was caused by poor performance when Drilling and screws.

+++ The winner of the test, please refer to the photo not to the top +++

Who sunk more anchor or in concrete to drill, comes around to a device with percussion. These devices, however, are relatively large and clunky for the delicate Work they are the best choice. They are therefore also no all-rounder. If you need to only sink a rarely a dowel in the concrete, is a machine with a plug, in our opinion, is the better Alternative.


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As usual, subject to the tester, the equipment of an intensive practice test. Standards have been created for serious do-it-yourselfers – for the opportunity to wrench, you are somewhat exaggerated.

An example: In the duration of the test was to simulate the Drilling of 16,000 holes and 16,000 wrench. This corresponds to an amount of 32 mega-packs, each with 500 screws. Anyone who works in the exhibition, processed in such quantities, but who just want to put a shelf together, not in this Dimension. In the case of the Bohrbelastung 12 inches long, 10 mm thick screws in the wood sunk. Without pre-Drilling – of course. Such requirements occur when roof trusses, Carports or wooden houses to be built. The normal Ikea-wrench is not necessary.

In the Test expectations turned out according to that modern brushless motors are more durable, than the models with carbon brushes. They usually have better electronics, which greatly facilitates the Drilling. The product testers recommend to only buy devices with two-speed gearbox.

you can also Think of a quick-action Chuck, in order to Switch the inserts goes far faster, than in the case of devices with the ancient Chuck which can be operated with a key.

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cost of household appliances the case – Why do we wear

cost of ruined household appliances – Why we wear the case ruined

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The capacity of 18-Volt tools is considerable. You’re running out of steam, not so fast. The most strenuous in the Test unit, the DCD777S2T from Dewalt. With a full charge, the device creates 99 drill holes and 99 glands. This is enormous and is far beyond of what handles a home improvement in a single Session. In the Test devices of the upscale home work class are ahead. No wonder, with the performance requirements. Anyone who orders a screwdriver in the price range of 200 Euro and more, you should choose a device that has the battery in other machines from the manufacturer fits. It is not needed for each device it’s own battery. For this, the customer sets but also on a manufacturer for all devices.

conclusion Akkuschrauber Test

From the test candidates would be in the 18 Volt drill from Dewalt (DCD777S2T) is our recommendation. With the price of 155 euros, it is far cheaper than the better-placed Worx WX175 for 220 Euro. In the market you can get the device from Dewalt is still cheaper – if you take a tool kit. The DCD777S2T is offered with a sturdy case, charger and second battery for 150 Euro. In view of the good test result and the prices of the competitors, this is a very good offer.

you can also Think of the following: If you want to exploit the performance of the winner of the test in its work is actually, you are using a device not happy, you will need two screwdrivers with their own batteries. No one wants to change in one day several dozen Times of drill Bit set.

The cheap

If you have no ambitions to be a DIY king, and do not plan, your attic to expand, you should look around, maybe a class cheaper. A 14.4 Volt screwdriver from Einhell, the series Home (TH-CD 14.4-2) to get for 35 Euro. Who needs to drill in concrete, you should get a drill with a plug.

A GSB 13 RE Professional from Bosch costs about 60 Euro. In our opinion, these and similar devices for the tool box at home completely. In the case of Bit set and drill bits is not worth it to save yourself, by the way. With the cheap packs in the checkout area you will have only sorrow.

The whole Test, you can view for a fee here.

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