Whether to protect against blackmail Trojans or stolen Bank data: virus protection is on every computer duty. However, it must be really a purchase program? No, says Stiftung Warentest. The experts have just tested 23 programs. A free program protects the computer very well. And also the Windows Defender has caught up.

double-tip for Bitdefender

The best protection performance, but has a buying program: Bitdefender Internet Security was unable to score in the Test with 40,000 malicious programs, malicious websites and Phishing Mails, the protection performance is the best touch: A smooth 1,0 test gave the program at this point. The free Software of the manufacturer, Bitdefender Free Antivirus, but comes damn close. Also it does not protect a “very good”, when Recognizing Phishing but not quite as Mature.

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Although the total scores hardly differ from each other – 1.4 for the Payment, of 1.5 for the free version – may be worth the price of 17 Euro for a device, and 35 Euro for the family of solution with a plurality of devices according to the test. So only the annoying ads is not removed in the paid version, with a Monitoring of the network environment and Extra protection for Online Banking, you offers useful additional functions. If you don’t need that, and according to the test, but a great free solution. Here you can download you.

pest “Lojax”

Undeletable: These Trojan itself is a hard disk drive is not removed exchange

By Malte Mansholt Eset: resources-schooner

An interesting Alternative for older computer Eset Internet Security. The protective effect is only minimally worse than in the case of Bitdefender, it cuts off in the handling better. And: it puts a strain on the computer a little less. Whether it is 18 Euro for one, or € 26 for three Computer value, you must decide for each user for themselves.

Windows Defender: The winner

As a Surprise, the good performance of the pre-installed Windows sees test Defenders. In the case of the detection of pests, he has now been with a lot of programs, some established programs, such as Avira even. Only the lack of Phishing protection prevents a better evaluation of the protection performance. The explanation: Microsoft built the feature in his Browser Edge. You use a Browser with Phishing protection, but a risk. Warentest advises, therefore, to rely on Chrome or an Edge, if you installed any additional anti-virus software. In view of the strong showing of the free BitDefender, one should consider the but anyway.

The full Test is available for a fee at test.de.

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DAB+Radio without Internet: Sony XDR S61D

connection The Sony XDR S61D the best DAB+Radio without Internet. In addition to the cheap price from 80 Euro it offers very good reception in DAB+. FM reception is fine. With a power consumption of 0.7 watts in operation, it attracts less than many competitors in Standby mode, and even works in classic with batteries. A shortcoming of the comparison of only “satisfactory” sound. Overall rating: “good” (2.4) .

The full Test is available for a fee Test.de.