It is not a long time, because of the need to pick up maps for the search of the right path. Today GPS have become indispensable for us, even during Cycling and on foot, to find the right way. What was once reserved for the clunky navigation devices in the car, are now available for any Smartphone, and even for free. However, the Navigation App can really keep up with the classic Navi?

wanted to find out the Stiftung Warentest and had seven external navigation devices against six navigation Apps for Android as well as seven Apps for the iPhone to compete. The result is likely to many be surprised by this: The best Note in the single-point Navigation was not a Navi, but Google Maps.

+++ built in sat NAV, external device or App: The pros and cons of the GPS solutions here, you can learn +++

Surprising navigation-winner

Whether in the case of route guidance, time for Start and tracking, or the inclusion of transport services: Google’s App achieved anywhere results. The App for the Android phones were rated the test a little better than the Apple’s iOS, since it was at the calculation faster.

winner of the test is not Google anyway. Because the classic sat navs and TomTom’s App can score points both during handling as well as the versatility to cut better overall. Under the versatility of the test were taken into account such as the use as a pedestrian as well as Extras such as lightning warnings.

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The Autonomous car is coming – but the Problem is not yet solved long

By Malte Mansholt

another important point of criticism of the Google App: it consumes an enormous amount of mobile data. To many, Stiftung Warentest and awards in this point, a harsh “Poor”. There is even a devaluation. How strong are the fails that were not reveals the test.

Navigation alone is not enough

Still, it’s enough to Google for a “good” result (Note 2.2 to Android 2.3 for iOS). For a free solution this is an impressive result.

The best GPS device in the Test, the TomTom G6200, cut off with a “good” (1.8), although clearly better, but costs a whopping € 320. The two placed the “good” (1,9) rated Garmin drive smart 61 Europe LMT-D, is with a price of 195 euros not a bargain. The TomTom App will Go Mobile, as the only better than Google Maps rating, with a price of 20 euros cheaper. With a “good” overall grade of 2.1 for Android and 2.2 for iOS is coming, but only minimally prior to the free solution. This uses less mobile data.

for privacy reasons, you should not shun the Google-App according to the test, by the way: Almost all of the Navis and Apps have a “critical” Data. Only three Apps are not critical, a Navi had no Internet connection. The winner of the test, the experts were able to decode the data stream and thus is simply not rate it.

The full Test is available for a fee

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