When testing full of detergents, the product testers were systematically: 15.000 scraps of cloth were prepared with 33 different types of spots. Laundry detergent should not only dirt and stains, but also a grey veil avoid. The only way to ensure long-term to ensure that White stays bright white. This is made possible by a proportion of optical brighteners and bleaching agents – in the case of color detergents these Goodies are missing. In the case of liquid detergents, by the way. Without these additions, the Laundry would turn yellow.

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With these Tricks, your Laundry live longer

23 were full of detergent in the Test – 18 powder and 5 gel. Liquid detergents have not been tested. To make it short: The gel pads were worth all of nothing. Else was to be expected, without the bleach and the cleaning power is not good enough. Of the 18 powders 11 performed at least as Good.

But also in the case of the powders, it is complicated. Despite the same name, many manufacturers to pack different powder in your container. Surprise here: The detergent in the small bags was, each Time washing more than the eponymous powder in the large family box. And even when a premium powder Persil. Only Aldi North and Aldi South do without the Trick, the inferior powder in a large carton.

The five best Laundry detergents you can find in our photo gallery. It is worthwhile to study the Test carefully. The winner of the test a wash costs only 13 cents, significantly worse detergent demand 26 cents. This is at least the Double. The brand products disappointed. The powder with Persil, Ariel and Lenor, reached only the grade of pacifying and have a whole range of No-Names beat. Lenor makes advertisements so that the detergent of the brand to deal gently with the Laundry and it is particularly comfortable. The Claim: “It is more than just a Wash.” Since it acts as a mockery of the detergent from Lenor gets in the discipline of “textile conservation” only a weak Sufficient.

The whole Test, you can view for a fee here.

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washing machines-error – so you ruin your Laundry – guarantees

How to wash properly, asked the renowned “Washington Times”. The expert for clean Laundry Jenifir Provateare shows the worst error.