Google’s sister company, Waymo want to cart your Robot-technology in private vehicles by consumers.

“It will be in the not-too-distant future possible to say you want to have installed a Waymo-driver in his personal car,” said company CEO John Krafcik during an appearance on the sidelines of the technology fair CES in Las Vegas. First of all, the robot taxi deals were in focus. Such a service Waymo recently launched, initially with a limited number of customers in a suburb of the city of Phoenix in the U.S. state of Arizona.

Krafcik did not say in what U.S. city of Waymo next, a Robotaxi Service could introduce. Test vehicles of the company, along with Phoenix and the Silicon Valley, in Seattle and Detroit on the road. New York is also an interesting market for driving services, and “perhaps the most interesting in the country”.

“We don’t build cars, we develop the driver,” said Krafcik on Wednesday evening (local time). This Software will be in the future in various types of vehicles. Waymo emerged from the self-driving Google test cars, the Internet group sent almost a decade ago on the road. The company is considered to be particularly far in the development of robot car technology. Various automakers, suppliers and Start-ups are also working on such technology.

Beu Krafciks appearance was also echoing well-known that Waymo car after the first fatal Robot-accident with a car driving service-agent About the Situation on a test site. Such an approach is customary in the industry, to learn from, said Krafcik. He had already pointed out shortly after the accident, Waymo systems would have to cope with the Situation. The Uber-test car had collected in Arizona, a woman crossed in the dark, the road, and killed. According to first investigations, the Software had trouble recognizing the woman pushing a Bicycle.