The Game raps about Kim Kardashian

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Reality Star Kim Kardashian (38) is not stingy as we know, in the Public with her Charms, but new Details of their sex life, they may, after their infamous sex tape certainly. However, Rapper The Game (39, “The Documentary”) a dash through the bill. In one of his new Songs, he raps about his experience with Kim Kardashian in the bed. According to “TMZ” to Kardashian and The Game have been together.

reports such As “TMZ” has taken place a few days ago, a so-called “Listening Party” for a new Album of the rapper. It said the Song had been played. Excerpts from the bawdy song are now surfaced on the net. In it, The Game explicitly describes how gross it was in bed with Kim Kardashian. He also raps that he needed to apologize to her husband Kanye West (41), after all, the to “his people belong to”. Whether is going to accept his apology?

It is not the first Time that The Game raps about the Kardashian-Jenner Clan. He once claimed in a Song that he had ended up with all three Kardashian sisters in the bed. The dispute, however.