Apple is today, think of likely to a Video-streaming service and new subscription offers. The step underlines the change in the Apple business.

For years, the group earns his money especially with the sale of devices, most importantly the iPhone. However, the sales of Smartphones have recently gone back and Apple is looking increasingly to new sources of revenue.

As one, the group made Video Streaming. About two years ago dedicated Apple two Top managers of Sony television studios, under the supervision of there Hits like “Breaking Bad” were produced. According to the American media pumped the iPhone group reports so far, about two billion dollars in their own productions. The stir among the previously known projects, a series of the most frightening thing about a rivalry in the Breakfast TV with Hollywood celebrities, like Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston. Apple pays you according to the “Washington Post” $ 1.1 million per episode – an order of magnitude, which is the Top series in the classic TV common. And Hollywood Director M. Night Shyamalan (“The Sixth Sense”, “Glass”) has turned a complete secret Thriller.

“Apple is the only company in the world, a few million dollars can make for Entertainment jump and without a note on a Plan for Marketing or sales Reese Witherspoon and M. Night Shyamalan on Board,” said a well-informed Hollywood Insider, the “Washington Post”. In fact, it is completely unknown, as Apple’s business model is to look for Exclusive productions. In perk up is speculated. An idea was to make them only on Apple devices accessible. Or you want to attract customers for a new Video subscription, according to the model of Apple Music?

Now it was in the American media reports, recently, however, that it was premature to consider the foray of Apple as a head-on attack on Netflix. Two billion dollars is a lot of money – but Netflix gave the least per year to eight billion for content, a growing part thereof for exclusively at the service of the available movies or TV shows. Currently there are even 1.4 billion dollars per month, recently said Netflix chief Reed Hastings.

“Apple’s focus will be – at least for the time being, is to help others on the sale of its video streaming subscriptions, and receive a revenue share of it,” wrote the well-connected media reporter Peter Kafka at the technology blog “Recode”. Apple could in the future sell bundled packages of subscription – for example, the pay – TV broadcaster HBO, Showtime and Starz in the USA-cheaper than the individual services. In the “Wall Street Journal” called it in on Monday night, per radio subscription will be $ 9.99 due.

A further announcement could be a new subscription offer for news. According to media reports, Apple has this as a Top address at least the “Wall Street Journal” on Board. In contrast, the “Washington Post wanted to” and the “New York Times” is not a part of it. The “Wall Street Journal” had provided a few weeks earlier with a report that Apple wants publishers to one-half of the subscription retained earnings, for severe criticism of the iPhone-the group from the media industry. Speculation is a subscription service that would give access to a variety of paid games.