Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples is an approach based on validated research that highlights negative communication patterns and helps couples stop emotional conflicts and disengagement. It does so by helping each spouse express their significant needs and feelings that are hidden within themselves.

How the Therapy is Scientifically Validated

According to research, EFT is considered one of the most empirical approved methods of couple’s therapy.

Further studies have discovered that approximately 75 percent of couples who perform EFT successfully recover from distress. Additionally, around 90 percent demonstrate significant improvements. The recovered couples experience long-term and stable results, with fewer chances of reverting into distress.

Since it is highly effective, many couples use it in hospital clinics, rehab centers, private practices, and even university centers. Also, many cultural groups globally find it very useful.

Couples benefiting from EFT include those suffering from drug addiction and abuse, depressionPTSD, chronic diseases, among other disorders.

Does Emotionally Focused Therapy Work?

After many years and research on EFT, researchers verify it benefit couples a lot.  For instance, it reduces distress within relationships and helps couples have better communication. The skills couples learn throughout the EFT programs provide positive results for many years after completing the therapy.

Benefits of Emotionally Focused Therapy

For couples who are coping with traumatic incidents or infidelity, EFT is a verified, powerful approach to address such needs, both past and the present.

According to an EFT post published in Social Work Today, researchers interpret potential risks to observed separation or distancing in couples’ close relationships.

EFT Promotes Healthy Dependency

EFT delivers a language for healthy dependency between spouses and explores significant progress and moments that describe an adult love relationship. The core objective of this pattern is to develop and re-structure the couples’ emotional responses.

Eventually, new positive cycles of bonding interactions take place and replace harmful patterns while building permanent transformation.

EFT Establishes a Secure Bond

Losing the bond existing with a loved one intimidates an individual’s sense of security.

Emotionally focused therapy minimizes couples’ conflict while establishing a more secure emotional bond. Couples can learn to understand each other’s needs while expressing deep positive emotions when they feel vulnerable.

Spouses will start to recognize unwanted behaviors like anger outbursts, which creates detachment. They also learn to be emotionally present, sympathetic and engaged together, which improves their relationship bond and protection.

EFT as a therapeutic model has additional strengths such as support from extensive research with couples, who state it brings respect and collaboration.

Final Thoughts from the Recover

Emotions can cause unusual reactions and behaviors between couples.  Such feelings can eventually obstruct a successful relationship, work, and other daily routines.

However, obtaining support for negative behaviors and reactions is crucial in overcoming these barriers. Also, couples who are aware of their emotions can have successful careers, relationships, communication, and a complete optimistic perspective on life.

If you need assistance or more information on how emotionally focused therapy can improve your relationship, inquire about the available rehab centers near you. Ensure to choose a better option that addresses your needs.