“The new year’s eve show with Jörg Pilawa”: Jörg Pilawa and Francine Jordi celebrate the new year together with numerous Stars

©BR/ORF/Peter Krivograd/Thomas Leidig

20:15, The First of The new year’s eve show with Jörg Pilawa Show

From Schlager and Evergreens on the “Rock ‘n’ Roll” and Swing up to party hits is taken care of in the great Eurovision Show with Jörg Pilawa and Francine Jordi, for musical variety. During the final Countdown to the new year, the two presenters celebrate in the tips arena in Linz, together with numerous Stars, acts and Hits to dance into the new year. A special highlight is the spectator experience to midnight, when live is connected to the Brandenburg gate is one of the largest new year’s Eve fireworks in Europe.

20:15 clock, ZDF, The light mount – two brothers, three women, and each lot of drama, Comedy

twin brothers who could not be more different: Jochen (Axel Prahl in a dual role), the taxi driver, is permanently damp. He gambles and runs his taxi business. Christian has, however, prescribed the policy and encouraged by his father-in-law, Dr. Theo Siskin career. Somewhere along the way it came, however, his goals and Ideals. As a Christian his wife is cheating and Jochen’s operation prior to the final From the stands, begins the life of the two completely out of joint.

20:15 clock, Sat.1, Wall-E – The last one cleans up the earth, Computer cartoon adventure

for Centuries, has met robots Wall-E and his determination, and on the habitable earth, the human waste removed. Then the search roboterin Eve runs to him, and he falls head over heels for you. Eve finds out that Wall-E has stumbled upon the future of the earth. With this Knowledge, she immediately travels into space, in order to inform in a space ship ausharrende humanity. Wall-E follows his beloved.

20:15, ONE, The Moment of truth, journalism, drama

In the election year of 2004, TV-producer, Mary Mapes (Cate Blanchett) comes across sensitive information about the military time of George W. Bush. For a long time, you would like to pick up rumors that the incumbent US President could press as a young man, thanks to political protection before the Vietnam war. Now the copy of a document turns up, that he even skipped his comparatively peaceful service in the Texas national guard in part. From this, Mary would like to make a scandal story for the respected news program “60 Minutes” television legend Dan Rather (Robert Redford).

20:15 clock, RTL ultimate Chart Show – The most successful German Singles of the last 40 years, music show

The best-seller in the German-speaking Charts are mixed. Here blow star (DJ Ötzi, Helene Fischer), and a Rocker with a heart (Peter Maffay Matthias Reim), a romp, as well as hip-hop starter (Culcha Candela), and current Pop poets (Andreas Bourani, Forster, Adel Tawil). But also The dead pants, U96, Roland Kaiser, the silver moon and the cute little crocodile Schnappi some of the biggest names in the Ranking all around the most successful German-speaking Singles. Oliver Geissen is looking forward to guests such as Comedians Chris Tall and Ilka Bessin as well as the magician, The Ehrlich Brothers.