“Pets”: rabbit Snowball (l.) and dog Max must sit idly by as your friends


20:15 clock, RTL, Pets, digit Rick Comedy

For Terrier Max is it every Time the blank Horror, when his wife goes to work. To facilitate the four-legged friend the pain of separation, is briefly brought a hand to the shaggy mongrel Duke into the house. Unfortunately, the new dogs-WG doesn’t work at all, because Max and Duke can’t smell it from the beginning. The rivalry is put to a severe test, as the two must be lost, and New York beat…

20:15 clock, ZDF Helene Fischer Show, Show

Helene Fischer presented this year at the 1. Christmas day your big Show with national and international guests. Duets provide a great deal of emotion. With Sutherland, Luis Fonsi, Eros Ramazzotti, the hit-Power-women, Maite Kelly, Michelle and Kerstin Ott, Florian David Fitz, the comedian Olaf Schubert, and Martin Schneider, Ben sugar, a magician Farid and Newcomer Eli are under the other jaw. On a very special duet, the audience may be with Paola Felix, after long years of musical abstinence, together with Helene Fischer singing her Hit “Blue Bayou”.

20:15 clock, ProSieben, James Bond 007 – Skyfall, action, Thriller

The loyalty of James Bond (Daniel Craig) is put to the test, because his customer’s M (Judi Dench) is in dire distress. A list with the names of covert agents into various terrorist organizations has been stolen. Now gradually will be published, their content, and the MI-6, with further publications being blackmailed. The consequences of exposure are fatal. M is any means available to them to carry the list back in the vaults of MI6, even if this means to sacrifice one of their best agents.

20:15 Uhr, Tele 5, Crazy for Barry, Comedy

As Barry (Tyler Labine) and his hopeless chit-chat, now the funeral of Rafes father and Desmond’s Job tilt, is for Kurt (Thomas Middleditch), Desmond (Damon Wayans Jr.) and Rafe (Hayes MacArthur) closing: your friend Barry must now, finally, under the hood! But who wants to marry a unrestrained mouth? No one? But: the absolutely unrestrained Melanie (Lucy Punch)!

20:15 clock, VOX, Night at the Museum 2, adventure Comedy

Larry’s (Ben Stiller) career as a night-time Museum guard the past. Instead, he has become a successful business man. Everything seems in perfect order – and still takes him back again and again to the Museum. When he site of his old effect to the New York Museum of National History – once again pays a visit, he makes a disturbing discovery.