“The Bachelor”: Andrej Mangold and candidate Isabell had to say a lot of things


The first round of roses is distributed, and the next one is in Los Cabos, Mexico. “The Bachelor” Andrej Mangold (31) explains first his feelings: “I am in the learning phase, can imagine currently, neither girlfriend nor wife of life. I’m curious, if I discover someone in the direction of the girlfriend can go.” Oha, warm, wear, Ladies, love at first sight, this sounds not – but maybe Yes on the second.

The rose contenders inside the Villa draw in the luxury. With wild shrieks. “Wow!” you can find the new accommodation. “Just awesome.” At least like all of them. In contrast to the Bachelor, as later still. The next Morning, a message from the Rosenkavalier. Too early for some. “I just got up and haven’t been drinking coffee,” that pimped a. But the message goes anyway: Jenny. “What??”, shrieks the irritated. Why Jenny the first Chosen one, explains Andrej Mangold in the Off: “I had to make these little faux pas with your name, I want to be well again.” In the first night of the roses he had called Jenny, Natalie.

a Clear, good reason for a first Date, and for intensive learning-conversations by the Pool at the Bachelor mansion. Jenny: “I have by the way the top of most knee of the world.” The Bachelor: “I don’t know, I don’t yet have your knee looked at.” Pretty woman, cool topics of conversation, great day, is the balance sheet.

kick Boxing and group therapy

The next day, a group date is on the program. Isabell, Luisa, Cecilia, Jade, Claudia, and Lara with may – in the gym. “Think it’s good when girls go in a dirty atmosphere, where it smells even a little bit,” explained the Bachelor, his Location of choice. All other train diligently and only Isabell complains. “He is already a bit narrow, maybe he can train a little more.”

she does kick Boxing since she was sixteen years old, has his nose broken three times and feels the Bachelor during the interview in the Studio on the Tooth. Result: Isabell, the non-kickboxing by the end of the Bachelor, you could not defend in case of an emergency, the Bachelor finds that it would be difficult, if Isabell is nothing wrong with people who share his philosophy. What? Uncertain. After the gym, a round of group therapy. The Bachelor tells the story of an Ex that has cheated on him and left, the girls are deeply stirred. “A man with a heart”, find according.

party time at the next group date. Ernestine, Natalie, Steffi, Christina, Mariya and Nadine welcome to Fiesta Mexicana. To warm a round of Tequila will be served. “Not my way, directly in front of the first Date so zuzukippen,” Steffi, but still courageous.

The Bachelor asks Nadine completely sober for the conversation. “If a woman makes rar, you want to find out what’s behind it,” he says. She wants to know: “what type of woman do you like?” “Both of my Ex’s were dark-haired,” he explains. She grabs strands of her bright: “Then I do my hair once in the back.” According to Nadine Ernestine, the Curvy-Bachelor-rose-girl, in the single-talk and convinced of the Speed-Dating. “You did the right thing on the box,” says the Bachelor.

All against Eva

the Villa has a towel escalated, meanwhile, is in dispute. No, No, No Towel War. Anyone has anyone nabbed a purple towel. The Focus Is Eva. “The devil in Person”, how Isabell, you. “If she goes in my room and a towel brings verklopp I you, because I know no fun.” Eva brings a towel, but is not beat up. But: All against Eva. This is even harder.

The Bachelor keeps back from Mexico-group date Steffi, because she has a beautiful, feminine figure. There is body painting, Tequila, the Bachelor pulls out a Rose from behind the Sofa. Steffi is so safe for the second night of the roses, which holds a Surprise for the Bachelor’s degree: Nathalia, a new lady shows up suddenly. The Bachelor’s degree is briefly shocked, but then delighted: “Dark hair, sexy, I love it.” The other candidates are less pleased, but all agree: “”don’t Want to get into a bitch fight, not a piece of meat.”

Isabell twerkt and gifting

The Bachelor grabs only Vanessa, according to her Eva to the individual interview. Then danced. “You don’t know where to leave his eyes, clearly, is Yes, time, that checking a bit,” exults Andrew and close by Steffi, like, what is Isabell, the lying, in turn, a wild hip dance, called Twerking, that is not particularly great.

In a single conversation Isabell los ledert then: “I thought the Bachelor looking for a wife, the Bachelor is looking for a farmer”, she throws him. Oha, the cabin is on fire. The Bachelor’s degree is Contra: “Crass statement, it is not possible, especially when one shakes himself in front of the TV his ass.” Isabell, however, holds: “Twerking in the USA as a Sport.” Then it comes down to business. “Am I even your type?”, the Bachelor asked. “I’m not on the conquest of course for someone who is not interested in me.”

Isabell responds clearly ambiguous. “I don’t just say that you’re ugly.” Zack. She’s not easy on him, but he has not realized it still. “Do you want to stay, do you want to meet me?” to ask the Bachelor again. “Jaha.” He: “Because I’m not sure.” Both are safe in the evaluation: it was more “crunchy” than harmonious. And Isabelle believed: “I’m so safe out here.”

This will show the same, because the second night of the rose distribution controls on its climax. The biggest Surprise in this rose night is not, who gets no Rose, but who gets one, namely: Isabell. The want to no and makes the Bachelor’s icy cold brush-off. “It didn’t fit. I can’t accept the Rose. I would like to give others the Chance,” proclaimed to you, and leaves a visibly ailing Bachelor’s degree. Oh, yeah, get out (felt all blondes): Lara, Claudia and Mariya.

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