Selena Gomez is listen to the Single “Anxiety” by Julia Michaels

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US singer Julia Michaels (25) has brought out their new EP “Inner Monologue Part 1”. In the case of the Single “Anxiety” has received high-profile support from colleague and girlfriend Selena Gomez (26). The song to listen to on YouTube, and Gomez has not let it take, to dedicate to your girlfriend via Instagram, a very special message.

“You’re never alone”

“My sweet soul sister. Julia, you were a big part of my life. You taught me to have courage when I have self-doubt,” writes Gomez at a photo of himself and Michaels. Then you “Anxiety to speak”: “This song is very dear to me, as I know fear and I know that many of my friends.” The 26-Year-old writes: “You’re never alone, if you feel so. This message is urgently needed, and I really hope you like it!”

Selena Gomez has spoken in the past already several times openly about their mental health problems. She suffers from the autoimmune disease Lupus and had to pull out in 2017, a kidney transplant. In the fall of 2018, you made a long Social Media break to focus again on your health. Only Recently you returned. Your Mini-music-Comeback will look to their Fans for sure as well.