Even if the “island of flowers” don’t bloom in January, Madeira is worth a visit

©Smelov/ Shutterstock.com

Madeira is not only the home of the soccer stars Cristiano Ronaldo (33), but also a destination that it has not been done yet on the Radar of many holidaymakers. A blessing, because it is precisely at the turn of the year, the island of flowers, is a real insider tip.

Who wants to escape from the wintry Germany, on the Portuguese island and the Christmas Feeling is still the end of may at the 5. January do. The “Cantar os Reis or Cantar as Janeiras” (Singing of the kings) will be sung traditional songs. In the streets of the island’s capital, Funchal, come together Young and Old, to sing together and to enjoy the last days in Christmas lighting.

Welcome to the “Hiking island”

Admittedly, the summer, not in January, on the island of Madeira is warm. Nevertheless, the temperatures rarely drop below 13 degrees. But the southern part of Madeira also attracts in January with blue skies and plenty of sunshine. Perfect for small and big Hiking tours, it is no wonder that Madeira is also called the “Hiking island”.

Should not play the weather, there are numerous museums that can be explored: The wine Museum (Museu de Vinho), which has a lot of interesting things about the Madeira wine, or the sugar Museum (Núcleo Museológico da Cidade do Açúcar).

Because Madeira island is only 22 kilometers wide and 57 kilometers long, is the island ideal for a spontaneous short holiday, especially in January, when the island is overrun by countless tourists.