A Twitter account has published a number of stolen private data to all appearances of politicians, Celebrities, journalists and musicians. First, the RBB had reported about it. The star has taken on the Account more closely.

The data were released in a sort of advent calendar system. From 1. December, there was every day a “door”. The victims are well-known actors, singers and music groups, but also presenters, and a whole series of journalists of ARD and ZDF, as well as politicians of all parties except for the AfD. In most cases, it comes to address data, telephone numbers, and Email addresses. Some private pictures, chat histories, bills and mail have been conversations published. Are affected, among others, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, as well as celebrities such as Til Schweiger, Jan böhmermann, Sido, K. I. Z., Marteria, Casper, and Youtubers like LeFloid, and Rayk Anders.

Twitter profile with 18,000 followers

The underlying Account is operated, the Twitter profile is that of Hamburg and is since February 2015 in the social network active. The first visible Tweets come from the June 2017. On Friday morning, the profile had almost 18,000 Followers.

According to the self-description, the user deals with “Security Researching” and “artist”. In addition, Satire & irony. If all of the information it disseminates is authentic, it is currently impossible to check. With Florian Post a SPD has proclaimed politicians that “at least one fake file” in the assigned to it data.

Twitter user published data for months

The users of the data published directly via Twitter, but posted Links on Hosting platforms where the information was stored. Some of these were secured with a password, which, however, was usually “123”.

The user apparently also a Blog that has since been deleted, as well as a channel on Dtube, a supposedly censorship-free Youtube Alternative. There, he released Video edits of the stolen files.

data of politicians and celebrities

Federal government published speaks of the “serious attack” – Merkel and Steinmeier affected

On the Twitter channel were already in 2017, and in the course of the past year in very irregular intervals, the allegedly stolen data published, such as a license agreement of a well-known Youtubers or identity cards, invoices, and contracts of a musician. However, he achieved little attention. Also be “advent calendar-Event”, as he calls it, was known until the beginning of January to the General Public and especially to the German Bundestag.

The Twitter profile was on a Friday morning and locked, apparently from Twitter.

sources: RBB Tagesschau.de