Carlotta Truman (left) and Laurita alias S!isters will be voted for Germany when “ESC” to compete

©(c) NDR/Christoph Pellander

Three juries – composed of 20 experts, 100 Otto-normal consumers and the TV audience-on Friday evening, “our song for Israel”. At the German preliminary round for the “Eurovision Song Contest” took a total of seven artists, in the end, the Duo triumphed.sters with their Song “Sister”. Real sisters Carlotta Truman from Hanover and Laurita from Wiesbaden, but the two met only recently.

The Evening kicks off with Gregor Hägele celebrated with his song “Let Me Go”. The other candidates in the preliminaries of were Aly Ryan (“Wear Your Love”), Linus Bruhn (“Our City”), BB Thomaz (“Demons”), Makeda (“The Day I Loved You The Most”), and Lilly Among Clouds (“Suprise”).

In the past year, Michael Schulte, was still represented with the song “You Let Me Walk Alone” Germany “ESC”, held in Lisbon, Portugal. The former participant of “The Voice of Germany” took a remarkable fourth place. The “ESC 2019” is 14. to 18. May rise in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv.