“the only thing that counts”: Deniz’ competence is provided by Jenny (R) of the question, because Marie

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14:10 PM at the boulder training is in breach of The First: Red roses

Agnes helps Margret in Learning for the ticket, Margaret helps her with a scarf for her Date. That Margret Agnes was a little before eight, if you say to yourself, for you are only a girlfriend, it must recognize painful, as Agnes’s Date is a woman. Margret, the tears come. Frank has slept with Yvonne. A guilty Conscience plagues him, as he encounters the completely unsuspecting Hilli. This makes it for Frank, not easier – he cheated on the love of his life.

at 15:10, First: storm of love

Christoph, of Xenia intends. When Annabelle hears of this, she is in a panic. Jessica receives the permission of Michael and Natasha, Felicitas take care of, however, Natasha continues to have a strange feeling. Denise is fond of Henry’s attention. Will you give him a Chance?

17:30 Uhr, RTL:

Saskia is happy to be as it is Paco your accomplice for Jacob’s escape. Here, you will be facing a tough test. Eva and Conor enjoy their love time off to the fullest. But then the parting seam. As Larissa feels excluded on Ringos Party, she is to cocaine, in order to strengthen their self-confidence. To shoot Ringos chagrin, however over the target.

at 19:05, RTL: Everything

Deniz counts when it comes to the nerves that Jenny’s meddling in Marie’s Training. Just as the two have reconciled, happened to a devastating accident. As Isabelle does not manage to get the criminal charges off the table, takes Finn to the matter in Hand. However, this has unpleasant consequences for Isabelle. However, Vanessa can be closed by Richards help Christoph in the arms, but still the danger is not averted.

19:40 Uhr, RTL: Good times, bad times

Laura speaks in a delirium of the SMS, in which she had notified to Philip at the time that she wanted to go with him to Prague. Philip, who knew nothing, reacted stunned and can’t stop thinking about it, what would be the means for him and Laura. Nina is after the separation of Robert sad, what not to show. Luis is a jerk and confesses to her, to be with Robert.