“the only thing that counts”: Jenny Deniz is clear that they will not give up

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at 14:10, First: Red roses

Hilli discovered that Cornelius uses the memory of her former Ski holiday as a key ring, and wrestles him to the confession that they had a real relationship. Merle, you are, you’re not making the squabble with Cornelius fun. But then she finds out that Cornelius is behind the Takeover offer to Laurenz. Anger over this will intrigue you to give him a hearty slap in the face. Hilli expresses its concern that Frank is overwhelmed by his new company. Frank is really in a Stress, and asks Gregor to help.

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Eva Ute confesses her misstep with Conor and now has to fear to lose not only Till, but also her best friend. Larissa believes that another woman was the true reason for the love with Conor. But little does she know that she has picked the Wrong target. When Jacob offers an opportunity to shorten his impending prison sentence, tried to Saskia, to persuade him to make a Deal with the Prosecutor’s office.

at 19:05, RTL: Everything

is not As Moritz that the Dead man was his father, he does not want to look any further, to experience any further disappointments. Then he makes a discovery. Ingo is floating on cloud nine and believes, to be with Steffi on a good way. Then Ben stands in front of the door. Jenny device with the ice show under pressure, as competition from “Beauty on Ice”. Ironically, Simone offers to help her.

19:40 Uhr, RTL: Good times, bad times

Gerner is surprised when Yvonne invites him on a spontaneous Date. While she leaves, what she’s doing with him, reminds Katrin Gerner to your Plan. Gerner experienced an unusual evening with Yvonne. John and Oskar have made it into your guys shared a cozy – up Shirin. Initially they laughed at John’s “methods of education”, but as Oskar, John is dancing more and more on the nose around, she intervenes.