“GZSZ”: Lilly and Chris are to Helplet-Central dangers in order to have their dangerous Plan through

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at 14:10, First: Red roses

Frank faced Gregor with the suspicion of his Bank loan being sabotaged. But Gregor makes him beg for it. Frank may, Gregory impossible the Triumph of the corporate takeover – and away from a controversial decision. Carla is with the financing of the “Aalräucherei”remediation under pressure. Ben encourages you to write in your Online column about your personal Situation. But then Carla has to wonder whether she has gone too far.

at 15:10, First: storm of love

Annabelle and Joshua rubbed because of Denise, but the reconciliation was not long in coming. Joshua confesses to Werner, and he’s happy with Annabelle until he learns something that changes his perspective completely. Denise offers the unexpected opportunity to take over the fürstenhof shares. When Christopher learns of this, he is a little excited. Boris and Tobias decide to marry in the “Fürstenhof”, and again are faced with Christoph’s rejection.

17:30 Uhr, RTL:

Eva can escape Conors love appeal difficult, forcing yourself but all your energy to focus on Till. But your guilty Conscience, your power to create. Ringo has a suspicion, as Larissa copes with her oversized workload. As he puts it to the test, he comes up behind her secret. Bambi is not happy, that Sinas new doctor’s assistant looks exaggerated. But then the chance to help him.

at 19:05, RTL: Everything

Christoph is surprised by Vanessa’s return, and can not hide in front of her, he has massive difficulty. Jenny gets during the quite shocking news that the planned ice Show with a Time completely destroyed. Steffi is very surprised by your sense of Ingos kiss enjoyed. Now you need to seriously think about what she feels for him.

19:40 Uhr, RTL: Good times, bad times

Emily has a lot of is the ears, since the Sunny way. To support you is looking for an Intern, but no is out of the question – until she learns Karla know. Chris and Lilly go to Helplet Central to their dangerous Plan into action. Just before Chris leaves for his Mission, to experience the two an intimate Moment. At first, everything seems to run smooth, but then the dangerous acetylene catch bottles fire.