“Among us”: Larissa (Linda king) sets a perfidious plan for revenge in motion

©MG RTL D / Stefan Behrens

17:30 Uhr, RTL:

After Conor broke up with her, sinking Larissa in despair. Deep germs to hurt your gradually a desire for revenge. Jacob sets the wheels in motion to get hold of for himself and Saskia, but the original wedding date. However, he encounters resistance. Easy to move in with Ringo alone in the apartment, and is surprised that Tobias reacted to it left. Trouble threatens, instead, elsewhere.

at 18:05, RTL II: Köln 50667

Leonie and Olli decide to go each other out of the way. Both suffer from a bad Conscience, but can not stop their feelings for each other. As in the WG, the heater is still broken, Leonie of the returned Elli finally persuaded to come back into the Loft. Leonie can hardly stand it, how happy Olli and Ellie are with each other.

at 19:05, RTL II’s Berlin – Tag & Nacht

want to have As Emmi and Samu in the Morning, once again, extensively of Sex, you will be disturbed by Sabrina. Emmis desire is there. Shortly thereafter, however, of Samu with a romantic made-up Garage will be surprised, where you have a break from your chaotic roommates. But big-city plant Emmi in the wet and cold environment, despite the use of a Heater in the mood.

at 19:05, RTL: Everything

Finn is one decides to tell Vanessa the truth, and reaps but little understanding. However, Richard Simone, with an unbeatable ice-show is surprised concept. He knows that he will hurt Jenny, certainly, he should go for it. Meanwhile, Ben after Ekaterina’s death for the first Time on another woman, what arouses conflicting emotions in him.

19:40 Uhr, RTL: Good times, bad times

Lilly feels bad because she lies to Tuner for days and him of the impending protest action has been fraudulently concealed. Just as she wants to clear the table, finds out the Tuner from the other side. Meanwhile, Sunny has a rude awakening, when after a night out, you promised Emily in the noise contract, with a major investment in your business.