Jorge González as a Designer rose melting in the modern fairy-tale “snow-white & rose-red”

©ZDF Boris Laewen

Jorge González (51) is a choreographer, adjudicator, Model and Catwalk Trainer. In the modern fairy tale “snow Chen & rose red-and-white” (16.12., 20:15 clock, ZDF) he is tomorrow, Sunday, in the pre-Christmas TV program in addition, his acting Talent. In an Interview with the news Agency spot on news of the native Cubans reveals how he celebrates Christmas, as he circumnavigates the obligatory Stress and, above all, what was the worst Christmas experience.

How do you celebrate Christmas?

Jorge González: In the past few years I have with my family and friends, the Christmas spent. Too much good food, dominoes, look series and great conversations that one has in everyday life, unfortunately, all too rare time. This year I spend Christmas, but in the sun. I love the heat, the noise of the sea and the beach. Wished for the Cuban in me.

What was the worst and what’s the best gift you have ever received for Christmas?

González: Every gift you give me, is for me something Special. Finally, the Person taken the time to think about how they can make me a small joy. In today’s fast-paced world of Instagram and Co, in which each self is the Nearest, it is a great gesture.

when to buy your gifts well in advance or at the last minute?

González: Since I work usually until shortly before Christmas eve, I plan this long in advance, in order not to fall in this Stress. It is madness, if you want to get a couple of days before Christmas, a little. All of them are so hectic, a little tense and not at all contemplative.

you can Purchase your gifts online or in-Store?

González: it depends on the gift. Some things I buy in a Store. It has also something Emotional, if you choose gifts are still quite classic, visually inspected, and imagine how the Person will be happy. Besides, it also supports the stationary trade. But there are some things that are so specific, I’d have to find a shop before I would there. I buy then Online.

you Are at Christmas, especially charitable/donations joyfully?

González: I have been involved with me for years, for charitable purposes, and am often on the road, to collect donations. Especially proud I am that we were able to collect this year as part of the RTL donation marathon 660.000 Euro for the children’s cancer center of the University hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf and the club, “Cracking the cancer e. V.”. I’m not doing this from a particular Festival or a special time-dependent. Engage you should every day.

What is with you at Christmas on the dining plan?

González: Since I am a “typically German”. Preferably in the order of savory, sweet, savory, and sweet (laughs). I like to try new things, but cookies and chocolate must not be missed. And in the morning for the good Conscience of a delicious Smoothie.

How to get rid of the calories that you have taken over the holidays?

González: calories don’t count at Christmas. All year long I do a daily sports and pay a lot of attention to a balanced diet. I think one should not make so crazy, just enjoy it and to be sense of trust. To eat a little more, then just to burn the calories by a little more movement again.

What was your horrible yet Christmas experience?

González: to be precise, there were even seven terrible Christmas in a row. When I went in 1985 in the former Czechoslovakia, to begin my Nuclear-Ecology-studies in Bratislava, I worked during my study time by the way as a Model, catwalk Trainer and choreographer. After a commercial for Coca-Cola, for I was secretly in front of the camera, I should be back immediately in the home. For the former Cuban politician, the learned about it, I was a traitor, because I had worked, what was forbidden to the Cuban students, and then also for the capitalist class enemy. I had to crawl, literally, and couldn’t visit for seven years, to Cuba, to my family, to celebrate with them Christmas and my parents still do not even know how to do it for me. It was a very difficult time for me and my family.

If you had one wish, What would it be?

González: I have the great fortune that I could meet me my wishes already, and the life may lead, I as a teenager had dreamed of. A lot more I wish I had a better interaction of the people and more respect for each other. And that my family and I stay healthy.