It is the biggest Achilles heel of Android Smartphones Because they are usually late or never, new Updates, are Premium Smartphones with Google’s operating system is always vulnerable to attacks. The project Android One aims to fix this Dilemma at last, it promises to be for two years, always Software up-to-date. We have tested with the Motorola One and the Nokia 7.1, two of the saving Smartphones with Android One and tell which of the 250 Euro device is really worth it.

the devices at Hand is clear: The Design of Nokia is in the front. The 7.1 Plus feels more expensive than it is. The slightly roughened metal frame and the glass back ensure, together with the great processing for a very quality feel to it. The Motorola One for its reasonable price to see, as noble as the Nokia device does not have with its plastic coated frame.


While the Motorola One (on the left) with a round edge, therefore, the Nokia 7.1 on sharpened edges



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By Malte Mansholt iPhone-Look

The Display in a substantially edge-less Design in iPhone Look. Here, too, Nokia: Of screen of 5.8 inches with a resolution of 2280 x 1080 pixels is significantly sharper than the 5.9-incher of the One, with its 1520 x 720 pixels. In addition, it emits full brightness to be brighter and thus, even in bright ambient light good read. Another distinguishing feature is a matter of taste: When Nokia, the colors are vivid, the Motorola it represents something of a back seat.

Under the hood, the Smartphones provide the technical little. For data both have 64 GB of storage that is also expandable. Both sit on eight-core Chips the middle class, the working memory is 4 GB. In Benchmarks, the Chip of the Nokia is minimally more powerful, in everyday life you realize it but little. With high-performance Smartphones such as the Huawei Mate 20 Pro or the iPhone XS you can’t compete in this price class, but that would be a Sensation. In everyday use both are usually liquid, not just at the camera, you realize sometimes the calculation time.


the light power, While the Motorola One (on the left) in the days of good photos, the results are at night, unfortunately, not particularly handsome. The Nokia 7.1 (right) delivers a passable, if not good pictures


Android Smartphone

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By Malte Mansholt No photo-Stars

Speaking of the camera: anyone Who buys the Smartphone, especially for photos, is not likely to be with two devices, completely happy. In the light of day both decent snapshots, don’t shoot to the level of more expensive Smartphones. The Motorola colors appear washed out sometimes, Details blurred due to the slightly slow shutter. The Nokia Model is sometimes inexplicable streaks in Parts of the image, than would have shifted the focus. A few times it is not triggered in the Test, also without any message at all.

In a dim light, both strong weaknesses show, when Nokia useful photos in there but at least halfway. The Motorola is from twilight because of the slow shutter unusable, the pictures are simply zerschliert.

Although both have a double bring a camera, you can inspire neither the Zoom nor pictures with a blurred Background effect (“Bokeh”) really. At Motorola, the Bokeh-effect is stronger, Nokia he seems to be but natural.


The Motorola One (on the left) and the Nokia 7.1 offer dual cameras, and a well-functioning fingerprint Scanner



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By Christoph Fröhlich Solid batteries, quick Updates

When it comes to battery, both models rely on solid mediocrity. With a capacity of 3000 (Motorola), respectively, 3060 mAh (Nokia) hold on the whole day, one should not expect more. Bad: Wireless, both can not be loaded – although it would have been with the glass and the back. After all, both of which support faster Charging.

As an Android-One-Smartphones the Software is identical for both: pure Android up-to-date. With Android, 8.1 was installed to Receive the Update to Android 9 is run for both devices in the last few days. So, you’re ahead of many more expensive devices. Of course, all the Extras, such as the object and text recognition via Google Lens, and the smart Assistant on Board. The most Important thing is that in the future the latest Software available: Two years of major Updates, including Features, an additional guaranteed security updates – this does not provide even the most Premium Smartphones with Android.

conclusion: Good and better

Even without Android One the Motorola One and the Nokia 7.1, as measured by the price of a round package. The latest Software upgrades. The actually good Motorola One, but it is outshined by Nokia 7.1. Design, Display and camera Nokia has placed noticeable again created a masterpiece. And, although the Nokia 7.1 with 250 Euro is only minimally more expensive than the Motorola One, with its 225 Euro.

Who is not a die-hard Fan of the Lenovo subsidiary, should therefore prefer the Nokia. Alternatives of the Huawei P20 Lite (240 Euro) or the Samsung Galaxy A8 (275 Euro). Both, however, without the rapid Updates of Android One.

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