Tom Ellis returns as Lucifer on the TV screen.

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The series “Lucifer” (since 2016) starts today, Wednesday, in the last season, which will be shown in German Free TV. ProSieben shows the episodes of the third season every Wednesday at 22:15. What the TV viewers?

season start: caution, Spoiler!

The third season, which aired from October 2017 until the end of may 2018 in the USA and consists of 26 episodes. Right at the start of Lucifer (Tom Ellis) in the Episode “you’re back, are you?” challenge: The fallen angel wakes up with regrown wings in the desert and has no memory how he got there. A jewel thief on the run and helps him to his return to Los Angeles. There, Lucifer does not want to get rid of his wings again, but also find out who kidnapped him and why he woke up in the desert.

Chloe (Lauren German) tells him, finally, that a body was found in the desert. The trail leads to a mysterious crime boss named sin man (Kevin Carroll). The search for him is to keep Lucifer in the further episodes of the third season on the trot. As people are murdered, which Lucifer had once done a Favor, will lead the investigation, the Team finally to success…

How it goes with “Lucifer”?

The American broadcaster Fox had dropped the Mystery-crime series surprisingly. After the Fans and the actors had to long in fear of the Format and with the Hashtag #save Lucifer for more follow fought, Netflix has heard their prayers. The streaming service has secured the series about the former Prince of darkness and a fourth season announced.

unlike the American Fans of the German streaming service-users, however, are not in to Netflix, find it. The fourth season will be seen in the German-speaking countries due to license restrictions, exclusive Amazon Prime. The filming of the new episodes were completed in November of last year. The season start is expected to be April 2019.