Margot Robbie has this year, no Chance at an Oscar

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While the team of “Roma”, “Black Panther” and “The Favourite” can’t believe your Oscar luck as yet, there are also some that are likely to be after the announcement of the nominations pretty disappointed. Who was expected, who skipped?

Bradley Cooper (44, “the Hangover”) has bagged seven nominations for “A Star Is Born” – the one that would be him, probably most important of all, however, He has no Chance at the Oscar for “Best Director”. Also striking: In the category this year was nominated again – not a woman. although there was no shortage of possibilities.

“La La Land”-Director finds just in the next categories

since the “La La Land” spoiled by success, Damien Chazelle (34) must enter this year with a big disappointment satisfied. The Biopic “awakening the moon” about Neil Armstrong, with Ryan Gosling (38, “Drive”) in the lead role has only received four nominations in the categories.

Also, a bit of disguise actress Emily Blunt (35, “Girl On The Train is likely to be”). She was seen in two films, “Mary Poppins’ return,” and “A Quiet Place” – and was still empty. With a nomination you are expected also for Ethan Hawke (48, “Before Midnight”), “First Reformed”, and John David Washington (34) in “BlacKkKlansman” as best actor – but nothing came of it.

Chalamet Fans run storm

In the best supporting Actresses Margot Robbie (28, “I, Tonya”) in “Mary Stuart” and Toni Collette (46, “Madame has been granted”) in “Hereditary” a good chance – but nothing. With the best supporting cast Timothée Chalamet (23, “Call Me By Your Name was”), in spite of his Performance in “Beautiful Boy” is empty. The young actor was in all praise of the Critics’ Choice not to hire over the Baftas to the Golden Globes nominated, only at the Oscars. The lack of understanding of the Fans, you can read the countless comments, the floods since yesterday the Instagram Account of the Oscars.

Even the great Oscar hope, “Beautiful Boy” with Chalamet and Steve Carell (56, “The Office”), plays the main role in this was passed over at the Oscars completely. The same applies to the Asian highly-acclaimed Dramedy “Crazy Rich” and the Soundtrack of Radiohead head Thom Yorke (50) for “Suspiria”, which took place at the Oscar Committee.