on VOX a successful satellite.1 failed: Carsten Maschmeyer


you Must lead a cooking Show, when the Protagonist stops? The same question can be put another station that wanted to hold on to after the departure of Stefan Raab (52) is essential to its success format. Carsten Maschmeyer (59) failed with its founder-Show in the Donald-Trump-style à la “The Apprentice”. The biggest TV Flops of 2018.

“Time Battle Fighting to Your time” (ProSieben)

ProSieben the Game Show “Time Battle took only a consequence of” out of the program. In a terse communication from the transmitter, it was said that the “hapless Show is postponed for an indefinite period of time”. Actually, we had planned for September, three more editions. “Time Battle Fighting to your time!” with Janin Ullmann (37, “The Croods”) and Christian Düren (28) as the anchormen put a quota disaster to Start. Only around five per cent market share in the target group could be achieved. A total of 600,000 viewers tuned in, nearly.

“Schlag den Henssler” (ProSieben)

Apparently, the mixed ratios of the end for the “strike sealed the Henssler” Steffen Henssler (46, “Fast, faster, Henssler”) has decided, in the late summer, he will turn no further Show. “Mouth wipe, and off to the next adventure,” said the TV chef and thanked all those responsible. The Show launched in the fall of 2017 as a successor show, “Schlag den Raab” from the beginning, with feeble rates. After eight episodes final is was now.

“Grill Pro” (VOX)

And once again, Steffen Henssler, if only indirectly: The follow-up Show to “Grill the Henssler”, “BBQ Pro”, has not been accepted by the viewers, really. In June it became known that the cooking of professional chefs, and celebrity challengers and the Jury will find Reiner Calmund (70). A complete From is sealed with the decision of the channel VOX, however. They wanted to continue in the future of the brand and the Format somehow – maybe Yes but again with Henssler?

“Start Up!” (Sat.1)

Hard to swallow for Carsten Maschmeyer (59, “The millionaire formula”). From the beginning, its satellite fought.1-founder show “Start Up!” with low ratings. The consequences: “Start Up!” flew upright from the TV program. Three episodes have yet to be sent on the Internet, then the show was. On Twitter, he wrote: “All, I, too, have hoped for and more. So reasons: Belief in the product, give it your all to make it strong.”

“Young, female, Boss!” (RTL II)

a Short TV-guest game designer Jette Joop (50)! In August, their Reality documentary “started Young, female, Boss!” on RTL II. After two episodes had come to the end already. “We have taken the Format from the linear program, which we deeply regret,” said a station spokesman, in front of “YouTube”. The designer himself seems to carry the TV From your Show. The Format didn’t work “in TV Prime time and with the strong competition properly,” she said of the “image”.

“Curvy Supermodel” (RTL II)

Three squadrons of long-RTL II held at the casting show “Curvy Supermodel” Angelina cherry (30, “Rock Your Curves!”) . In November, the station was separated from the casting show, as program Director, Tom Zwiessler confirmed to “rate meter”. “We are pleased that we have made three seasons, but I see no way to bring the concept into a fourth season,” Zwiessler. The reason: The Show went on to last to bad rates.