For the first Time the Fans were allowed to via Instagram about the most beautiful “GNTM”-image tuning

©ProSieben/Martin Ehleben

In the fourth episode of “Germany’s next Topmodel” everything revolved around the topic of Social Media and the new place of residence of the young models. You could finally to Los Angeles in the luxury Model Villa is move in – including a first major dispute. But in the end, the biggest decisions, of course, and the same three girls were sent by Heidi Klum and her Jury-colleague, Winnie Harlow home.

it’s All about Social Media

“This week is all under the Motto of Social Media,” said Heidi to the beginning of the new episode, when the group of 21 candidate inside the 18 was shrunk. Kim had decided, for personal reasons, not in the JS in the theme to participate, Jasmine needs to do “a couple of important things”, before that you could not leave the country. For all others, it was said: “The girls should learn that a good self-is part of marketing today, and the everyday working life of a model.”

among the challenges of the week, including an Instagram-Challenge, an Interview-Training with Julia Bauer “bunte.de” and the novelty that the Fans via Social Media were first allowed to vote on the best photo out of the shoot.

Co-juror Winnie Harlow takes you through the Challenge

the first Challenge on the Walk of Fame, the Models Winnie Harlow in a red Sightseeing-Bus picked up. Simone and Lena were the new Team-leader inside the groups, which had to face up to the task: Each Team drew a Hashtag and had to create a Instagram Story. Lena’s group moved the Hashtag #couple goals. The Team of Simone got #party intheusa.

Within 15 minutes all of the girls began frantically on the Walk of Fame to walk around and watch the ducks for your task to acquire. The choice of your assistant, designed, unfortunately, for the Team of Simone to the handle in the toilet. Because this recorded the Video in landscape and not in portrait mode, the Video in the evaluation, and Lena’s group won with a staged marriage proposal. On the winners a Garage full of clothes and moving into a luxury Villa in Bel Air was waiting. “We were really like the last idiots out there”, said the disappointed Models on the other Teams, depressed – until they learned that they were not allowed to move into the glamorous accommodation, and not on the street had to sleep.

The next guest in this “GNTM”episode, Julia Bauer of “bunte.de”. She attended the girls to confront them in Interviews with their research. All of the young models is professionally managed to remain? The journalist was especially looking forward to Tatyana, who has a sex change behind, to Catharina as a friend of the footballer Felix Götze and Theresa, who has a 27-year-older friend.

The democratic but in the case of two other ladies. Sarah confronted her rival, Simone, namely, during the joint Interviews in front of the camera with your reaction to the lost Challenge, and got from the experienced Online editor, the headline “‘GNTM’-Sarah: in front of the camera, they attacked Simone.” A fact that Heidi did not approve of Klum later in the decision at all…

inter-galactic Shooting

During the photo shoot with Christian Anwander, the Models to pop colorful stewardesses on their journey have been through All styled. For the first Time, Fans had the opportunity to vote via Instagram for your favorite picture. The girl with the most Likes had the Chance to go automatically in the next round: a matter of honor that Influencerin Enisa bagged the most honey (over 46,000), on the social photo platform, and in the next week moved in.

The decision

On the Catwalk, waited, finally, small works of art of the designer Marina Hoermanseder in the Model-candidates. “The one or other thing will not be so easy to run,” announced the fashion designer her designs. The dresses, some of which were already worn by Stars such as Lady Gaga, saw, admittedly from anything other than comfortable.

While Julia, Lena, Sarah, Simone, and many other candidate were allowed inside to move without problems in the next week, three girls without a photo home. For Joelle, Melina, and Catharina, the dream ended, “to be Germany’s next top model 2019”. For this, you will be missed but also the famous-infamous makeover, the next week…