Who wanted to watch the latest episodes of US series, previously had to wait sometimes for years, to the broadcast on German Free-TV. The temptation was so great, the series instead of illegal downloading. And although there is with Netflix, Sky Ticket, and Amazon Prime Video streaming services with a large selection of content, are some of the series in the case of piracy is still very popular. The website “Torrentfreak” evaluates each year which series are the most downloaded from the net.

for Years, “Game of Thrones” at the top. Because there were in 2018, but for the first time, not a new season of the Fantasy epic, there is a new winner. The Top 10 of the past year are as follows:

1. The Walking Dead

2. The Flash

3. The Big Bang Theory

4. Vikings

5. titanium

6. Arrow

7. Supernatural

8. Westworld

9. Legends of Tomorrow

10. Suits

most of The shows on these TV channels, the infamous “best of” list come as no surprise. “The Walking Dead”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “Westworld” and “Vikings” are a popular series with many Fans starting directly after the official broadcast of the Downloads.

One of the new additions is the super-hero series “Titans”. She is exclusively seen in the “DC Universe”, a service that is so far only available in the US. Therefore, especially the international Fans would have screwed up the download numbers in the height.

“Game of Thrones” at the top of the

That “Game of Thrones” does not appear in the list, that does not mean that the series is not downloaded-it’s still illegal. You would have to download all the numbers of older episodes, would be the first place is still safe, “Torrentfreak”. This year, the long-aired-awaited Finale of the Fantasy series. Accordingly, the winner of the next annual review is expected to be already fixed.

source: “Torrentfreak”