Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) could not, the ninth season of “The Walking Dead” so quickly to

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The series-2018 trumps with some Highlights. Both in Free-TV as well as streaming services have an impact on right-hand-series-Boom. Whether it be your first follow brand-new Shows or new seasons of returning Hits – the offer was enormous and even a series-Junkie can quickly lose the Overview. Between excitement, disappointment, and shock, it is a very thin line. Some moments stay in your memory.

warning, the following passages contain spoilers from series, the latest episodes haven’t been aired in German Free TV! Who wants to be a surprise should not read on.

“Babylon Berlin”

The German success series “Babylon Berlin” has been seen in the autumn of 2018 finally on Free TV. Season three is already in production. The new episodes will be aired in 2019, initially on Sky. The eventful Finale of the second season ended with more than a Cliffhanger.

The biggest pop effect has crime Commissioner Gereon Rath (Volker Bruch) is experienced. After he is almost out on the open road and only in the last second is saved, it goes for him in the presence of his therapist (Jens Harzer) under hypnosis in the past. The debt, under the Gereon suffers: He left his brother in the war, on the battlefield, although this was still alive. In the last minutes of the final episode there is the big revelation: The doctor turns out to be the be totgeglaubter brother Anno Rath.

Want to take Anno’s revenge on his brother? How will you respond to his widow or wife Helga (Hannah heart jump) at his resurrection from the dead and return? What is the meaning of the Whole for the flirtation between Helga and Gereon? It is definitely exciting to see what is on offer in the new episodes.

“The Big Bang Theory”

The Hit Sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” is set after the twelfth season. The makers and actors of 2018 announced. The Grand Finale will flicker in the USA in the spring of 2019 on the screens. A big Highlight was all the Fans this year: The wedding of Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons). Of course, everything like clockwork delivery in this marriage. For enforcement no one Less than “Star Wars”icon Mark the wedding Ceremony Hamill! Who would have thought that Nerd Sheldon ever gets under the hood?

the Bodyguard

The former “Game of Thrones”Star Richard Madden made in his new role in the British series “Bodyguard” for Furore. The Show became the surprise hit of the year and earned the 32-Year-old a nomination for the Golden Globe Award in 2019, as the “Best Haupdarsteller in a drama series”. Madden plays a veteran soldier that could prevent a terrorist attack, and now as a Bodyguard for a politician is hired. However, they supported the conflict in which he fought. Excitement is guaranteed, as he is wearing, for example, even a bomb to the body!

Doctor Who

The Sci-Fi series “Doctor Who” dared to 2018 of something Historic: For the first Time in the history of the Show, the main character, so “The doctor”, female. This sex-change was already announced for 2017, the eleventh season, with Jodie Whittaker (36) in the main role was broadcast in the autumn of 2018. The Outcry was initially great, but now seems to have the excitement. In the twelfth season, the actress will play the main character. The new season will appear in 2020.

“House of Cards”

As Kevin Spacey (59) from the series “House of Cards” is written? This is the question Fans employed since the actor was fired in the fall of 2017, after serious Harassment were pressed for charges against him to the Public. Already before the broadcast of the final sixth season was hinted at in a Teaser Trailer, Frank Underwood, will die in the series. But anyone who was hoping for drama, was fobbed off with Casualness. Because his death was served to the audience in a conversation of the US President Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) with her new Vice-President.

“Roseanne” and “The Conners”

As bitter some Fans of the Sitcom “Roseanne is likely to have happened to” the death of the former main character in the Spin-off “The Conners”. Actress Roseanne Barr (66) was known to have been after a racist Tweet from her Job and the Sitcom sold released. In the first episode of “The Conners” is finally addressed her series death.

your character must die in the new Spin-off through an Opioid Overdose, give “an otherwise happy families Show an unnecessarily sinister and sick Dimension. That was a decision that the station must not have been” criticized Barr via Twitter, the decision on the death of your character.


Three weeks before your dream wedding with Prince Harry (34) in may step, Meghan Markle (37) also, in their hit series “Suits” to walk down the aisle. In the Finale of the seventh season of the hit lawyer series Rachel gave Zane finally her fiancé, Michael “Mike” Ross (Patrick J. Adams) tied the knot. With the wedding, both actors from the series adopted. In the eighth season, with Katherine Heigl (40) fresh Wind in the firm of Specter Litt. The former “Grey’s Anatomy”Star as an ambitious lawyer Samantha Steeler the hierarchy of the company belonging to falter.

The Walking Dead

A questionable series-the end of Rick Grimes, alias Andrew Lincoln (45) found in “The Walking Dead”. The fourth episode of season nine has left Rick in a more than tricky situation: Of a thick steel rod impaled, he was passed out on the roadside, but thousands of hungry Undead, and only a few tottering steps away. However, the Zombies have taken over the will of the invoice without Rick’s irrepressible Survival. At the last second, he pulls with all the force of the rod and on his horse. It has been a long struggle for Survival and death follows. However, a heroic death is denied.

The still-breathing Rick is transported from the dodgy Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) in a helicopter and she flies with the immediately verarzteten Ex-Cop but smooth gen sunset. He had to be rescued at the last second on a dubious but not the series die sei according to AMC chief Scott M. Gimple, a “promise of more stories”. Because in the course of the broadcast of the Lincoln-series-farewell, it was announced that the US channel AMC has three of the “Walking Dead”movies plane with him. A stale aftertaste remains.