“Astro Bot Rescue Mission” is one of the cute titles for PSVR


Meanwhile, Sony Virtual Reality glasses PlayStation VR (PSVR) is since some time available. That is why it is in the numerous previously published Play not-so-easy to keep through views. Here is an Overview of some of the best Games of the past few months and the potential cracker, which will appear in 2019.

reinvents The adventure of a robot, a mouse, and a chosen few

“Astro Rescue Mission was not” the Genre of platformers, PSVR, the exclusive title is, however, a completely novel experience, to experience the good old hopscotch. In 20 colorful missions, players have to save in the role of Astro cute little robot. With many funny Details and ideas in virtual reality actually brings a lot of value. The child-friendly adventure brings but also older gamers Smile. A very successful overall package.

The beautiful Action-Adventure “Moss” (also available for PC) hits a similar score. The player experiences a fairy-tale story about the mice with warrior Quill, which swings only brave your little sword, but also plenty of puzzles to solve. Here also applies: Both children and adults can have fun in the exciting adventure of Quill.

in General, it is not necessary to lose the role-playing game “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” is still a lot of words. For the first time, came out in 2011, has developed Bethesdas much-loved Fantasy-Action in the past few years to a cult-Game. With “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR” (also for PC), the complete world of the epic in the virtual reality experience. So it is almost really to be the chosen dragon’s blood.

Although there is “Resident Evil 7” for PC and Xbox One, for a specific reason, players should attack to the PlayStation version of the Horror Hits of the year 2017. Only by PSVR of Horror can also be used in the virtual reality experience. Players should, however, be warned: The visceral experience is definitely not for the faint of heart – and for children Resi 7 is not “suitable”.

slow motion shot of exchange and musical Ninjas

players should let the simple graphics put you off, because “Superhot VR” (PC) offers one of the most unusual Shooter experiences ever. The game principle is as minimalist as the look: opponent race on the player and try to kill this. The highlight: The time is running only when the gamer moves. Just Right for all who want to enjoy an exchange of fire as in the “Matrix”.

The exchange of fire in the exclusive “Firewall: Zero Hour” run as significantly different. The squad-based tactical Shooter is two of four Teams compete against each other, one of which fills the attacker and the other the defender role. At its simplest, the Shooter can be used as a kind of “Counter-Strike” in virtual reality to describe.

During the high times of the “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band” are long gone, conquered since 2018, a new rhythm game is the heart of the Fans. In “Beat Saber” (also for PC) will be smashed on the player zufliegende blocks from different directions to the beat of the music with light swords. This sounds easy, but can be after a short time, all nice and sweaty. For this, you will feel when you Play but also like a musical Ninja.

Indeed, the exclusive “Tetris Effect can be played” without PSVR, but only in the Virtual Reality, the new edition of the classic Game unfolds its full fascination. As the title suggests, enchanted the game with all sorts of effects and sound-worlds, which give the Puzzle Game a new twist. You play with PlayStation VR, the action unfolds completely and can be experienced an almost hypnotic experience.

These Games could be worth in 2019!

Already at 18. January appears to be “Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown” for Xbox One and PS4, a PC Version is on 1. February follow. Although you can’t see the entire game in PSVR seen, the PS4 Version has some exclusive missions with in the Cockpit, where you will be ACE to VR. Fans can look forward to in any case, a stunning air battles.

Still no set release date for the playable Action-Thriller “Blood & Truth”. As an elite Ryan Marks soldier, players battle through the London underworld to save their family. However, not only the humming of the Action is kept in the style of 80s and 90s Cult movie, also one eye is winking again and again. Promises to be great fun.

In the spring, will also appear exclusively “Eden of Tomorrow” by the German developer Studio Soul Pix. Players to plunge into this Sci-Fi adventure on an alien planet. Since the Astronaut is suffering after the impact of amnesia, players have to rely on an AI with the name Newton, of the in the German language version is spoken by Oliver Kalkofe (53).

Especially a lot of tension load maze” (PC, PS4), which should also appear in the spring, promises “. The pure VR experience is a Puzzle-adventure to one principle, that is also fashionable in real life currently, because it is a “Escape the Room”game. Players must solve puzzles to escape from a mansion that holds many dangers.

The creators of “Job Simulator” and “Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality” 2019 “Vacation Simulator” on PC and PS4. Like its predecessors, players can expect a proverbial sandbox full of possibilities. There is much to discover – and even more opportunity for mucking about.