“A Star Is Born” with Lady Gaga, and Bradley Cooper is being touted as Oscar-favorite


The cinema-the year of 2018 is coming to an end. The highest time to pick the best movies. Whether the surprising vocal talents of Bradley Cooper (43), superhero Bombast, a trip to the moon, a grieving Beinhart-mother, or the now sixth Mission impossible by Tom Cruise (56) – was there for every moviegoers taste of 2018 something.

best Drama: “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”

Even if, for comparison, first the films of the Coen brothers come to mind, is “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” unique to food for some, perhaps, derb flavored Cinema. Frances McDormand (61) as a bitter, grief-stricken and extremely vulgar Mildred Hayes and her small war against everything and everyone are at the heart of the film. To is absolutely right, you won the Oscar as best actress. And also the supporting actor Oscar, and Sam Rockwell (50) was more than justified.

Alternatives: “balloon”/”The darkest hour”/”Lady Bird”

The Alternatives in the Drama sector in 2018 is plentiful. With “balloon” delivered by Michael Bully Herbig (50) an unusually serious and urgent escape from the GDR, Coming-of-Age Drama bot, meanwhile, “Lady Bird” with Saoirse Ronan (24). And as Winston Churchill Gary Oldman (60) put on almost alone with the Nazi Regime and won an Oscar.

The best biography: “awakening the moon”

Director Damien Chazelle (33) failed with “awakening the moon” is an exciting mixture, which is in contrast to “Bohemian Rhapsody”, so many serious liberties. The well-known historical conditions for the first humans on the moon, he contrasts the largely unknown private life of the Armstrongs. The result is a Film in which the two main actors Ryan Gosling (38) and Claire Foy (34) know how to delight. And sometimes more on your home kitchen table, as in the Apollo 11 rocket or on the moon.

Alternative: “I, Tonya”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Who is not interested in the trip to the moon and on the earth remains, “I, Tonya” is an exciting Alternative. Margot Robbie (28) as a manic figure skater, Tonya Harding, offered an interesting character study, and shone as an actress. As well as Rami Malek (37) in the already mentioned “Bohemian Rhapsody”, many critics did not want to be, in its entirety, but warm.

best animated film: “Isle Of Dogs”

Wes Anderson (49), it is “Isle of Dogs” at least as good as with “The fantastic Mr. Fox” managed to create a fairy-tale animation world. And the roles in addition to the countless Stars in the hands with a detail elevation, looking for your same. Charming entertainment for Big and Small-there was 2018.

Alternative: “The Incredibles 2”

Very close to The Incredible 2, however,””. The first part was an animation masterpiece, and had to part two with high expectations that the strip of Brad Bird (61) is fulfilled absolutely. A good decision it was to make this Time the mother of the superhero family in the center.

The best Comic book movie: “Avengers: Infinity War”

“Avengers: Infinity war” is everything, and what awaits the Fans – and maybe a bit more. The villain Thanos is the Highlight of the film, which may be sad, each of the beloved characters anzählt loudly, and, therefore, finally back in Surprise. They can no longer be sure whether in the middle of the strip, a personal favorite, the canvas-death dies – “Game of Thrones” has demonstrated that this fear is for morbid entertainment. And for voltage anyway.

Alternative: “Black Panther”

you don’t Mean DC, Comic book film adaptations. Nonetheless, the immense success of the “Black Panther” was probably not even the creators of the creeps. In times of the “Oscars So White”-debate with Donald Trump (72) in the White house, the Film hit exactly the nerve of the cinema audience.

best Action movie: “Mission: Impossible – Fallout”

fast-Paced Action, in the truest sense of bone-crushing Stunts and a 56-year-old Tom Cruise in top shape. It is really surprising how well the sixth start-up of the “Mission: Impossible”series, with the nickname of “Fallout”. Instead of building too much on green screen and computer effects, “M:I6” more on hand-made effects – and it shows. In this Form, we want to experience many impossible missions.

Alternative: “Sicario 2”

“Entertaining” is the wrong word, “see value” in “Sicario 2” is better – as in the case of his predecessor. To ensure the safety of one’s own country, is not shown here as an honorable job, but one that leads sometimes to no less reprehensible methods, such as on the opposite side. Radiant heroes one seeks, accordingly, to be in vain, anti-hero Alejandro as a sympathetic character just doesn’t work with regard to his actions in the first part. Who liked already the oppressive mood of the “Sicario”, but also in its successor.

The best love movie: “Call Me By Your Name”

“Call Me by Your Name” is the most beautiful love story of the year! The calm narrative style, the Italian Setting and the cast of the Ensemble compliment each other perfectly. Here are the love for poetry is, it is an Explosion of sensuality. A wonderful Film about the UPS and Downs of love.

Alternative: “A Star Is Born”

Bradley Cooper (43) succeeded his directorial debut is a haunting Film, the deeply moving and human abysses like star staged hours on the dot. Especially the acting are convincing as musical Performances by him and Lady Gaga (32). Both go All out and show pure emotion. The good chemistry between you and your fascination for each other, every Minute felt. “A Star Is Born” goes under the skin.

The best Horror-movie: “Hereditary – The legacy”

Even seasoned Horror Fans will be in “Hereditary – The legacy” in some places surprised have rubbed the bloodshot eyes. What is the movie from Ari Aster straighte in its last half-hour of firing, is pure nightmare – in the best sense of the word. In addition, Toni Collette (46) is as overburdened mother incredibly convincing and scary. Horror meets family drama – who has the stomach for it, you must see “Hereditary”.

Alternative: “Halloween”, “A Quiet Place”

Who has expected to, in all Seriousness, that “Halloween” was invented 40 years after the Original, the murder knife new, will be disappointed from the idea came. Not the horror aspect of the Film is innovative, but in the presentation of his main character and many side characters. A little too much Hype was given, meanwhile, the Film “A Quiet Place”. Whom it does not succeed, however, the shown world is too often to ask here, too, on the Horror-pleasure.

The best Comedy: “The Disaster Artist”

“The Disaster Artist” paints the Portrait of a man who oscillates wildly between egomaniac, Visionary, Outsider, and salmon number. Ed Wood, the “worst Director of all time”, was built by the Film of Tim Burton (60) and Johnny Depp (55) is already a monument. Also Tommy Wiseau (63) has earned this honor. Passion should always be rewarded. Even if you creates Suffering. And for the main cast members James Franco (40) it gave it a Golden Globe at the top. The only foreign shame-prone people should be careful.

Alternative: “BlacKkKlansman”, “Deadpool 2”

For the anti-racism-Satire “BlackKklansman” there was at this year’s Cannes film festival after the Premiere, minutes-long Standing ovation. And also at the Golden Globes next year, the strips can, under certain circumstances, several times. Ryan Reynolds (42) sought for “Deadpool 2” on the other hand, the support of Celine Dion (50) and Josh Brolin (50). At the box office it was well received and the sequel brought over 720 million dollars in revenue.

The best Fantasy Film: “the Shape of Water: The Whisper of the water”

As the winner of the last Oscar ceremony, was able to deceive “the Shape of Water: The Whisper of the water” the fact that Guillermo del Toro (54) is not a film-maker, which stands for accessibility. Anyone who loves the romantic side of the “Shape of Water”, the dark facet may fall and Vice versa. Nevertheless, despite the mix of genres is unique, and thus worth seeing. With much love to Detail Guillermo del Toro leaves the USA of the 60s on the canvas again resurrected, even the “Gill-man” gives it character, and respect for, word game – depth.

Alternative: “Fantastic beasts: Grindelwald crime”

“Fantastic beasts: Grindelwald crime” scores with visually stunning effects, great actors, and nice allusions to the Original Franchise. In terms of plot of characters to be overloaded and a little magical Film can convince some places less. In the end, he is the “only” part two of five planned movies. However, at one end, the power again feel like the sequel to the…