before 2019: Kanye West

©Tinseltown/ Shutterstock.com

After Rapper Kanye West (41, “rigged Ye”) in 2018, allegedly, in five albums at the same time, he is also in the new year more Gas. As the US celebrity Portal “TMZ” reported, works West in Miami on new music. And supposedly, he gathered some well-known artists, which make him a common thing.

So you want to hear supposed to be the Rap stars Lil Wayne, Migos, Timbaland, and 2 Chainz on the Album. But also newcomers such as tea Grizzley and YNW Melly to contribute a guest post. How “TMZ” reported, the work on the Album a reason that the West has ever purchased the house on the South coast of Miami for himself, his wife, Kim Kardashian (38), and their three children.

when will appear the panel is not yet clear. However, West had moved already announced in September 2018, the release of the album “Yandhi” – but for an indefinite period of time, since he had the feeling that the Songs were not finished yet.