Almost ten years of the death of Michael Jackson already

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With all the Power of the relatives of Michael Jackson will go up against HBO and its disclosure documentation “Leaving Neverland”. No wonder, in view of the serious allegations levied against the King of Pop. On 3. and 4. March, respectively, the transmitter will broadcast the two-part program. Here are the allegations that the two men Wade Robson and James safe Chuck levy, which once spent as a child a lot of time with Jackson.

Jackson should be very careful acting

According to the safe-Deposit box, Chuck it in the Neverland Ranch several places Jackson on his victims. The walk to the bedroom of the singer had been provided with bells, which Jackson should warn you, as soon as someone approached. Also Jackson have instilled in the children that they should all go to jail together, should ever come out, what do you do to each other. Other people – especially women – could and should not be trusted, he should have told you again and again.

Both men in the documentary, to be by Jackson sexual abuse – oral sex and Masturbation, the two alleged victims reports. As a “reward” Jackson made the children gifts and, in the case of safe Chuck about jewelry. He had received from Jackson at one point even a wedding ring.

Why the false statements?

in 1993, and in 2003 had to answer Jackson to court because of allegations of sexual abuse of Minors. Both safe Chuck as well as Robson stated at the time that the singer had never passed to you. In “Leaving Neverland” said the two now that Jackson have put massive pressure on and pushed these false statements.

in Addition, both had realized only much later that an injustice has been done. For many years Robson had really believed: “I loved him and he loved me,” said the page, “The Hollywood Reporter” from the show. Joy Robson and Stephanie safe Chuck, the mothers of the two alleged victims, tell in the documentary that Jackson places a “own son” seemed. His childish nature and his fame would have both convinced that their children would be safe with him.

So reacts reacts the opposite side

Already in the run-up to the broadcast of Jackson’s estate administrators have filed a lawsuit against HBO. $ 100 million (about 88 million euros), should you require according to media reports, from the creators.

“Michael is not an easy target, because he is not here to defend themselves, and the law does not protect the deceased from slander, no matter how extreme the lie,” was read in the lawsuit. The allegedly false claims should not be allowed to distribute HBO through the documentary for a reason: The stations have to be insured in a contract of 1992, to disparage the musicians, neither currently nor in the future. HBO had broadcast footage of Jackson’s world tour, “Dangerous”.

in delivery, While “Leaving Neverland” on TV, was published on the official YouTube channel of the Stars is also a two-hour concert of Jackson.