Tom Wörtche (Christoph Letkowski) and Commissioner Kira Dorn (Nora Tschirner), the undercover in the Western city of El Doroda determined

©MDR/Wiedemann&Berg/Anke Neugebauer

the Western town of El Doroda really Exists? Can Nora sing Tschirner? Where does the “Trouser worm”-quote? And there are actually rare earth in Germany? The answers to these four questions on the Weimar-crime “crime scene: The hellish Heinz”.

Can singing Nora Tschirner?

anyone Who knows Nora Tschirner, especially from the Sunday crime, will have been surprised that she sings in “crime scene: The hellish Heinz”. Fans of the Berliner, but of course, that the 37-power Years again and again, trips to the music. For several years she was a member of the Band in Prague. She sings and plays the guitar.

where does the “Trouser worm”?

Tom Wörtche (Christoph Letkowski) flirts with Commissioner Kira Dorn (Nora Tschirner), the determined undercover in the Western city of El Doroda. But he gets rebuffed with the words: “Oh, dear God, keep our Lottie of Hunger, Distress, and storm, and the evil Trouser worm.” Although, it would be you, this quote have jerks, the two screenwriters Murmel Clausen (45, “.”, “Ladykracher”, “bully parade”) and “crime scene”specialist Andrew tiller (61) not thought of but. It comes from the novel “gripsholm castle” (1931) the Berlin-based writer Kurt Tucholsky (1890-1935).

there Are rare earths in Germany?

Yes, according to the “Association of German engineers” (VDI), there are rare earths in Germany. “For particularly large attention to the discovery of a whole range of sought-after raw materials in the settling basins of a former Ore mine works in resin made,” summarizes the news page of the technical-scientific Association in March 2018. One or the other domestic Deposits of rare earths had already been in earlier times known, but forgotten.

Exists in the Western city of El Doroda really?

El Doroda. The Association of the Weimar Schützengilde e. V. operates, but in fact, in the Region of a small Western town, is also a regular Western days to be held.