Cynthia Nixon (l) and Sharon Stone turning together a new series

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the Impressive Cast for Netflix: producer and Director Ryan Murphy (53, “American Horror Story”) has announced on Instagram that Sharon Stone (60, “Basic Instinct”) and “Sex and the City”Star Cynthia Nixon (52), together with Sarah Paulson (44) in the “Ratched” play the game. The series will be a Prequel to the cult film “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest”. Also Charlie Carver (30, “Desperate Housewives”), Judy Davis (63, “Feud”), Amanda Plummer (61, “Pulp Fiction”), or Corey Stoll (42, “House of Cards under the other”) in front of the camera.

“I can’t wait”

The filming of the series is set to begin in a few weeks, says Murphy in his Post, in which he delighted, also, about the “extraordinary cast”: “Sarah, Cynthia, Judy, Amanda, and Sharon, who all have in common scenes? I can’t wait”.

as early as 2017, it was announced that Murphy and Paulson to participate in a series about the history of the tyrannical head nurse Ratched. Presented in 1975 in “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” Louise Fletcher (84). In 1976, she was awarded the Oscar. In the strip, based on Ken Kesey’s eponymous novel, it gets Ratched in a mental prison with a new arrival, Randle McMurphy, played by Jack Nicholson (81), to do.

Nicholson won a Golden boy for his presentation. In addition, the strip won the Oscar for best Film, best Director, and best adapted screenplay, and won in the five main categories of the Big Five. The only three movies have managed so far.